Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friday Wrap-Up

- A lot of this may be old news to most of the people who read this and other Silver Spring blogs, but yesterday's Post has an article about the continiung development of downtown Silver Spring.

- The official ribbon cutting for the new "Wheaton" Best Buy is today. I'm sure the ceremony will be attended by dozens of Wheaton luminaries.

- On Monday, a 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at the White Oak library. White Oak is not a good place for kids these days.

CORRECTION: The van incident didn't actually happen in White Oak... it was in Long Branch. Long Branch seems to be the other place in Silver Spring where bad stuff tends to happen frequently.

- Here's some interesting photos on Flickr taken of the "models" in the wig shop on Georgia Avenue. This guy is my favorite.

- Remember, the Panda Motorcade will be at the Silver Spring Metro this afternoon at 2:30.

Three lucky people will receive a specially marked ticket entitling them to a private visit with giant pandas Mei Xiang, Tian Tian, and Tai Shan, along with an exclusive VIP tour of Asia Trail and Fujifilm digital camera!

- I've created a small "store" for books about Silver Spring. As you can see, there aren't many out there, and a good portion of them aren't even in print...


Anonymous said...

What a handsome devil that wig shop head is! I sure would like to meet him for a drink at the Regal Begal.

Anonymous said...

The original post says "White Oak is not a good place for kids these days" and is a hyperlink to a Washington Post article from September about the van crashing into the kids at a school bus stop on Piney Branch Road.

The kids were students at White Oak Elementary but the accident occured near the Long Branch where near the White Oak neighborhood (about 4 miles away, in fact).

Given the typical frequency of crime in the White Oak area, though, the post might have more accurately said "White Oak Is Not A Good Place For Most People These Days".

Terry said...

The best thing about that wig model is the fake mustache. Certainly, if you're going for a salt-n-pepper pompadore, you should also spring for the salt-n-pepper mustache.

Sligo said...

Good point about the van accident.

Anonymous said...

I think the main problem of White Oak is that the sprawling apartmnet complexes that neighbor the White Oak Strip Mall are nothing more than Section 8 complexes. I wish they would stop accepting Section 8.

Here is a question - they are currently building a ton of new townhouses in White Oak (that START in the high 600s). Who would pay that much money for a house in that part of White Oak.

I'm hoping that the Enclave renovations push the trash over the border in PG.

Terry said...

The Silver Spring themed bookstore is a nice idea.

Have you considered including books by authors who live here? George Pelecanos springs to mind.

Rfustero said...

The White Oak Shopping Center has a long history of being a place to buy drugs.

Anonymous said...

White Oak Shopping Center needs a Police Presence like one of those trailers we had in Downtown Silver Spring when we had so many vacant buildings. White Oak is on it's way to becoming another Langley Park!

Terry said...

White Oak is home to the worst Sears on the face of the entire Earth, and I'm not exaggerating.

I went there to buy a tv, a modest sized one that was on sale. After making the purchase, I was sent to a waiting area to wait for the box to be sent up from their basement stock room. Wait, wait, wait. After about 45 minutes, a guy comes out and says that they had an "inventory problem" and don't actually have that tv in stock. To make it up to me, though, they offered to sell me the next larger tv for the same price. That sounded fine, so I went back to the tv section where my original sale was cancelled and I then bought the new, larger tv. Back to the waiting area. Wait, wait, wait. After almost an hour, the manager of the store comes out and says that they had a "inventory problem" and that they don't have the larger tv in stock either. To make it up to me, though, they'll sell me a larger still television at the sale price and throw in a vcr at a huge discount. At this point, it's sort of getting funny. I went back to the tv section and they cancelled the sale of the second tv and sold me the really big tv and vcr for just barely more than the original tv should have cost. Back to the waiting area.

After only about a half hour, out comes a cart with a HUGE box and a modest sized box. OMG, I drive a two-door Cavalier. The box looks larger than the whole passenger compartment of my car. I started to giggle because, really, what else could you do?

Several stock room guys come out with me and look at my car and look at the box. We unpacked the tv, pulled both my seats forward, and dropped the backseat to open into the trunk. With a lot of prayer and some delicate wiggling, we got the tv into the backseat and I could get the vcr in the narrow part of the truck. I thank everyone and drive home.

Did I mention that I live in an apartment building? I pull up into the fire lane and put the blinkers on. By now, it's really dark out (I'd gone to Sears after work) and I was having trouble getting the tv out of the backseat. I can't quite recall how they'd angled it in there. I managed, after a bit, to get it out and to avoid dropping it on the concrete.

Locking the doors, I pick up the tv and head toward the door. Now, I'm a strong woman, but I could just make it to the front door before I had to set it down. In the next push, I made it all the way to the elevator. It took two stops getting from the elevator to my apartment door. By now, I'm exhausted and wondering if my car is being towed down in the fire lane. I get the tv inside my apartment and set it down in front of the entertainment unit. OMG. The entertainment unit and the very large tv. OMG. I had to pull the unit out away from the wall and insert the tv on to the shelf from the back because the set was too big to get by edges on the front of the unit. It did fit, though, and my car wasn't towed.

People visiting do tend to comment on the size of the telly. I'm not getting rid of it any time soo, as I don't want to try and pick the darn thing up.

Silver Springer said...

The FDA consolidating there should cause some major redevelopment if the NIMBY slow growths don't stop it first.

But at the same time they are crying about decay and low quality development, how ironic.

queensilverbee said...

In regards to the mention of Section 8 housing: It is against the law not to offer housing to Section 8 applicants. The owners of the apartment buildings would be in violation of the law if they didn't accept them, whether they want to or not. If they don't accept Section 8 applicants they could be sued for Discrimination.

Rfustero said...

Terry, i think you might have the basis for a new Sienfeld episode.

What a mess- I can't believe the terkible service you got.

Sligo said...

When I was a kid, a LOT of my clothes and toys were purchased at that Sears. Now it looks like a prison. I think all but one of the openings have been bricked over. I went in there once recently to get a copy of a key made and the guy CUT THE ORIGINAL! Not only could I not get a copy, my original key was ruined, so I couldn't even get back in my home. Needless, to say it was a total pain in the ass.

Lindemann said...

I would put all of the Derek Strange/Terry Quinn Pelecanos mysteries in the bookstore also. Meals at Tastee, My Le, and Kefa Cafe populate their pages, and Quinn spends a lot of time wandering around downtown and thinking about issues. The books are Right as Rain, Hell to Pay, and Soul Circus.

Terry said...

What about Lewis Black's books?

Rachel Carson also lived here, but that might be more of a tenuous link.

I think Nora Roberts also lives here, but I doubt that beautiful Downtown Silver Spring is featured in her books. She writes romances under her own name and futuristic mysteries under the name J.D. Robb.

Sligo said...

These are good suggestions about the books. The bad thing is that Amazon limits this new format to 10 items at a time. I've added some of the Pelecanos books for now.

Kolin said...

Your example is one of the evidences that van drivers are really 'folk devils'. I still can't imagine how they dare to behave themselves on a road so madly. It is true that a man and van is now most often viewed as a mobile thug – a dangerous threat to the decent, right-thinking, motoring majority.