Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Wrap-Up

- The lamest bank robbery attempt ever occurred in Silver Spring this past Wednesday:

The suspect entered the front door and announced the robbery to a bank employee. The employee explained that he was not a teller. The suspect then left the bank without obtaining any money.

This guy's a regular Neil McCauley from "Heat". Nice outfit for a bank robbery, too. Was he on a lunch break from his mailroom job when he decided he needed a little extra spending money?

- The National Zoo's Panda Motorcade, unless I've completely misinterpreted their clues, is coming to Silver Spring next Friday.
If you really need to get ahead,
You can hop on a line that’s colored Red.
Buy a farecard—this is where they’re sold—
At a station whose city is Silver, not gold.

- Ray's the Classics gets its official Washington Post write-up.