Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Wrap-Up

- The lamest bank robbery attempt ever occurred in Silver Spring this past Wednesday:

The suspect entered the front door and announced the robbery to a bank employee. The employee explained that he was not a teller. The suspect then left the bank without obtaining any money.

This guy's a regular Neil McCauley from "Heat". Nice outfit for a bank robbery, too. Was he on a lunch break from his mailroom job when he decided he needed a little extra spending money?

- The National Zoo's Panda Motorcade, unless I've completely misinterpreted their clues, is coming to Silver Spring next Friday.
If you really need to get ahead,
You can hop on a line that’s colored Red.
Buy a farecard—this is where they’re sold—
At a station whose city is Silver, not gold.

- Ray's the Classics gets its official Washington Post write-up.

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Twoste said...

Those pandas look mean, and will no doubt be angrier when someone explains to them that parking is not always guaranteed in the Fenton St. garage. Yes, they may have to park in the one on Cameron St. Blaggards...