Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday News 'N Notes

Is it the weekend yet??

- Traffic in Silver Spring was a total nightmare yesterday evening. Just in time for rush hour, a tree fell over on 29, knocking down power lines and hitting two cars near Crestmoor Drive. As you can see from the map, this is the absolute worst place this can possible happen, because if 29 is closed on that one block, your only other options to cross the Northwest Branch are to go all the way up New Hampshire to Randolph or go the other direction to the Beltway. I can tell you that my commute was an absolute joy last night...

- Has anyone else noticed that the sodas at Jackie's taste a bit funny? There have been multiple occasions where I had to send drinks back. (And their replacements didn't taste any better...)

- A resident of the Blair House is not happy about the management's hypocritical pet policy.

- Eastern Middle School gets a mural. When I was in middle school ("intermediate school" back then) at Takoma Park we used to call it "Leastern". Also, Sligo was nicknamed "Sluggo". What does that have to do with the mural? Absolutely nothing. It's just funny to think that middle schools had rivalries.


Lindemann said...

We Easterners were not particularly impressed with you Takomans either. As I recall, due to the presence of the math-science magnet, we hypothesized the existence of an entire schoolful of refugees from "Revenge of the Nerds." Whereas we, the communication-arts magnet folks, were soulful bohemians. I present these ideas without vouching for their veracity.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the drinks at Jackies. The only difference is my soda is usally mixed with some Scotch or Bourbon, so by my second drink I usually dont care!

Anonymous said...

The resident at Blair House isn't alone. In my apt. complex there is a ban on specific breeds including rotties and dalmations... yet somehow, people living there have rotties and dalmations! And they gave us trouble over our mutt!

Anonymous said...

On the plus side, the power in Woodmoor did *not* go out when the tree came down. I live about two blocks from Colesville & Crestmoor and the power goes out if someone at Pepco sneezes. In fact, it went out for several hours in the high winds the day after the tree incident, so my sense of normalcy was restored---whew!

C. P. Zilliacus said...

At one time, there was a Four
Corners Bypass
in the
Master Plan of Highways that
would have run from White Oak,
across the Northwest Branch,
past Northwood High School
(it's why the "front" of the
school building is to the side)
and provided some network
for U.S. 29.
But the likes of the late
Idamae Garrott got this highway
killed (using reasoning like "if
we don't build it, they won't
come" - unfortunately,
they came anyway)
and removed from the plans
years ago.