Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Catching Up

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately... it's been a busy week.

- Amid all this discussion of ice cream options in Silver Spring, it looks like an original may be returning to challenge the new jacks. According to this article in the Examiner, Neal Lieberman, co-owner of the Gifford's brand, is "hoping to open near sites of the original Gifford’s, which included Arlington and Silver Spring". I've mentioned rumors of this before, but this is the first time I've heard of anything directly from the company itself.

- Another article on "The Turf" in the Post, this time from columnist Marc Fisher. Personally, I was ambivalent about the whole "Turf vs. Rink" issue for awhile, but I think I've swung into the Turf camp recently. HOWEVER, I do think that the turf would need to be upgraded if an open, "grassy" space were to remain there. I think they should look into getting some high-quality artificial grass rather than the cheap carpet they have now.

- There was a small global warming demonstration over at the NOAA building on EW Highway on Monday. While only two people, they did manage to hit the national news wires with their stunt, so I would imagine they would consider their protest a success.

- Here's some more details on that arrest at The Blairs that I mentioned last week.

- Wait, someone from East Silver Spring actually wants development?

- The Examiner thinks that Blair's color-coded ID badges aren't such a bad idea. I object to the phrasing of this particular sentence: "With school shootings almost commonplace, security on the Silver Spring campus is a significant concern." It makes it sound like there are regular shootings at Blair. Just because a pedophile in Pennsylvania goes nuts doesn't mean that Blair students need to be color-coded. Of course, it's common knowledge that the real cause of school shootings is the teaching of evolution in school...

More on the IDs from the Gazette.

- Does Silver Spring need a dog park? This person thinks it does.

- "Silver Spring is all chains like Red Lobster." I'm so sick of hearing ignorant crap like this.


Anonymous said...

I don't think the color coding is that bad. I mean the magnet kids already self segregate themselves from the regular kids. This way outsiders can tell who are the entitled smart brats who like to think they arn't and who arn't the entitled smart brats that know they arn't.

it also gives the kids an early taste of the life of an office rat with our stupid ids around our necks.

WashingtonGardener said...

I think if this person wants a dog park - they should get together with other dog owners, buy a plot of land, and have one.

Why should MC taxpayers fund your dog's private indulgence? I don't see anyone in MoCo Parks buying my cat a kitty playground where a 'cat can be a cat'- we have ZERO in the county. Be happy you actually have TWO dog parks. ;-)

Seriously, the whole issue is silly to me - what I categorize as 'rich people's problems.' We should all count ourselves lucky that these are the kinds of things we worry about instead of looking for our next meal or being hit by bombs.

While we are comfortable enough in our priviledged MoCo lives, how about we first address some BASICS to improve downtown SS quality of life (pedestrian safety, street crime, sanitation, etc.) and THEN discuss extra amenities like dog parks, skate rinks, etc.
When I stop having to step over urine puddles on the way to/from the SS metro, I'll then know we are ready to take on more 'fluff' issues.

Sligo said...

I don't even like dogs, so if it keeps them out of DTSS, I'm fine with NOT having a dog park.

Silver Springer said...

To WashingtonGardener and Sligo


Maybe we should worry about the increase in gang activity and other crimes before we end up back where we started.

Anonymous said...

has there been an increase in gang activity in downtown silver spring?

Anonymous said...

washingtongardener, dog parks are not just playgrounds for pets... they are also the best way to keep dogs and kids safely separated, keep open spaces clean, and give animal owners a place to allow their pets to exercise without risking the safety of the dog or the people nearby. Without dog parks, you have situations where small kids and dogs are occupying the same open space, which can lead to problems. Of course dogs should be supervised-- as should kids-- but if you've ever watched either at play, you know that both can zip away without a moment's notice.

Further, an enclosed dog park puts an even greater responsibility on dog owners to clean up after their dogs... if not, they know they'll be stepping in in the next day! In larger, unenclosed spaces, even well-intentioned dog owners can lose or forget to clean up the mess, which no one appreciates.

It should also be noted that dog parks are a GREAT way for neighbors and locals to get to know one another. It's a meeting place, which too few communities have. There are very few "excuses" to get out and meet the neighbors, but if your dogs are pals, believe me, you get to know people. I see that as a huge positive.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of all this park talk. What are we trying to do? Turn all of Silver Spring into a giant park?

Go somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Sligo, the best way to keep dogs out of human areas is to give them a specific place to be, ie, a dog park.

WashingtonGardener said...

Anonymous, I'd go for a dog park IF I believed that it would be used as you say. But my witnessing of the Wheaton dog park is that - people still walk their dogs and let them poop where it is convenient to them and may visit the park occasionally - but it is not a clean-up-the-streets solution. I wish it was!
Also, the park will be an attraction for dogs and their owners from DC, PG, etc. Just as our local dogs take visits to the upcounty parks now. Which is not a bad thing, per se - but certainly no neighbor community-building device. Indeed for neighboring residents, it could become a serious nuisance.
As to separating kids and dogs -why is there a conflict now? The local parks have playgrounds and field for kids to use. There is a leash law. If dog owners are violating that law, it doesn't bode well for compliance on other issues or future dog park usage.
I actually love dogs - but don't own one as I don't have a fenced yard for one to exercise in. My "pet peeve" is folks who buy animals, but don't love them enough to provide the appropriate home environments for them. I hate when I see a dalmation locked up in an apartment all day! I want a horse too, badly, but I'm not going to put one in my garden shed then expect riding trails to be built by the county so I can give it some 'exercise.'
If you live in an urban setting, you may have to adapt and get a pet that adapts to that lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on the possibility of Giffords in Silver Spring-- MONEY!! Giffords is a business that is growing (another store is opening in Rockville in the spring) and when locations are available at a price that a small business like Giffords can afford there will be one in Silver Spring. Until then Bethesda and Chevy Chase are right down the road!! So the best way to move closer to a Giffords in Silver Spring is to support the business through the other locations!!

Debbie Cook said...

Anonymous and Sligo,
Did you know that Gifford's Corporate Headquarters is already in Silver Spring?
The address is 8810 Brookville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910 (a Very "Close In" Silver Spring Location near North Woodside Park & Montgomery Hills) They are already HERE! I just wonder if this is where they make the Ice Cream and can you go to this location and get a Sample? or two?

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