Saturday, September 16, 2006

S.S. McDonald's management one fry short of a Happy Meal

Not only is the Silver Spring McDonald's filthy and slow, apparently their management isn't particularly bright. I was going through some old photos and found this pic that I snapped while waiting at the light in front of the restaurant back in 2004:

Apparently someone skipped the day in kindergarten where you learn that midnight is 12 A.M.

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Anonymous said...

Do you think that McDonalds a good use of prime space in Silver Spring (intersection of Colesville and Wayne and steps away from the SS Metro)?

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Have you been to that McDonalds on 16th Street, in the strip mall near Spring St? Good heavens, it makes the Colesville McDonalds look good. Not only is it dirty and slow, the workers seemed to regularly get into rousing arguments in front of the customers. I stopped going there.

WashingtonGardener said...

Yeah and the one on Georgia Ave (DC side of the birder) - you better check your drive-thru orders carefully BEFORE leaving. They always leave something out.

I like the McDs at Clesville & Wayne though - the location is great for those who like me are constantly running from metro to appointments to post office and back with no time for sit-down meal. Not a great diet - but At least I'm not fainting.

thecourtyard said...

Wait. That picture was taken in 1994? Wouldn't that have been at the old McDonalds on . . . Ellsworth? Pershing? I don't remember what the streets were before "Silver SprUng" came through. The McDonalds at Colesville and Wayne was a used car dealer until 1998, I do believe.

Sligo said...

Sorry, I meant to say 2004...

Rfustero said...

I believe yje MacDonals used to be an AMC dealer.

Anonymous said...

I have called and written McDonalds 14 times about the poor service in Downtown Silver Spring.

Everytime I complain, I receive a coupon for a free meal.

I will keep complaining unitl the service gets better.

If you have a bad experience there, PLEASE contact McDonalds and let them know!!!


FireJimBowden said...

Indeed the 16th Street McDonalds makes the Colesville one look quite good. At least the last couple times I stopped in the 16th Street the manager chewed out the cashiers for slouching and messing up orders. I don't know whether to be happy that they seemed to care or upset that I had to see that.

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