Monday, September 11, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- According to comments left on my earlier post about the fountain being repaired, skateboarders were not responsible the damage to the tiles. (My information originally came from a commenter who had spoken to one of the construction workers.) Apparently the real reason for the problem was that the tiles used in the initial installation were faulty.

- DCist calls the Colesville and Georgia intersection "one of the least hospitable corners in the Washington suburbs", whatever that is supposed to mean.

- Don't forget to vote today. Assuming you can, that is.

- Again, not Silver Spring related, but I blame bad karma emanating from Tom Cruise for the Redskins' unfortunate defeat last night. If you were watching on a high resolution television, you could actually see his aura affecting the trajectory of the ball.


Messiah said...

Clearly, the fountain tiles are deemed faulty because they can't withstand the skateboarders.

The poor poll workers really have their hands full today. They were running dangerously low on provisional ballots by 8:15 AM in Woodmoor. They were encouraging people to vote in Spanish, if possible, to save more of the English ballots. They were also running out of room in the "ballot bag" that holds all the completed provisional ballots, and which only opens up a sliver to prevent tampering. It took a good 30 seconds to push my ballot into the overfull bag. That thing is a papercut death trap.

Hill Rat said...

Lighten up Francis!

Mocking DC as a crime ridden slum with a crack-addled Mayor has been the national pastime for most of the last 25 years and we just laugh that shit off.

It's all just jokes man!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I agree with messiah. The skateboarders couldn't have helped the fountain at all, that's for sure.

Tom and Katie certainly don't know how to dress for a football game, do they?

So, do they have the voting machines up and running now? I voted at about 8:30am at Christ the King (along E-W Hwy) and had to do the provisional ballot. It was slow, largely because there were three senior citzens in front of me who were having trouble filling out the forms to receive a ballot. I don't like doing these paper ballots (or absentee for that matter) because I feel like my vote won't really end up counting. Acceptances and concessions will be made based on the electronic returns. They won't wait for some poor folks to run these ballots through a scanner. :( Also, the poll workers were too stressed to give me my "I voted!" sticker. I'm bummed.

WashingtonGardener said...

I voted at Takoma Elementary on Holly Ave - even though I'm in downtown/East SS - yes, I'm assigned to vote in the city of TP (though I can't vote for any of the city officials - darn - sure would like to have a hand in that and the DC election to boot!).
Anyway - did so at 2:00 pm - no wait and computers worked fine - took two minutes and out of there.
BTW the skateboarder-fountain damage thing is just a RUMOR - wish people would stop spreading it without facts.

Sligo said...


I bet The Danny has a dress code in his owner's box.

WashingtonGardener said...

Terry - I was thinking exact same thing on the outfits - a bit dressy and somber! Is it a sporting event or a funeral? Yikes.

Messiah said...

Hey now, the guy actually fixing the fountain stated to me that it was because of skateboarders. In fact, it was an impassioned tirade against the skateboarders, lasting several sentences. Obviously, after we've all gone to bed, the skateboarders leave The Turf and skate all night long in the fountain area. The reason may be wrong (or maybe it's right!), but it is certainly no mere rumor. (Scoff!)

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Definitely funeral clothes. One of them should have gone with burgundy or gold given that The Danny is now bankrolling Tom's career.

I can understand that Tom and Katie dressed up for Tom's new patron's box, but how the heck to you walk around a stadium on there on the sidelines with a tight fitting skirt and high heels on? Tom should have gone for an upscale sports coat and some more field/stairs friendly shoes.

These are NOT sports people. L.Ron mustn't have told them what team to follow.

WashingtonGardener said...

Messiah - did this worker actually witness the "skateboarders" doing the damage? has anyone? To my knowledge - no. Still rumor.
Today, I've changed my mind on the TomKat dress code - I just realized it was 9.11 when they were dressed like this - so that may explain things - perhaps they came from a memorial event and/or felt like dressing otherwise would get them criticized.