Friday, September 08, 2006

Police Crackdown in Silver Spring

In response to the recent pedestrian fatality, police will be doing a "crackdown" on aggressive drivers in Silver Spring. Undercover cops will be hanging out on the corner and noting "conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians". I really hope one of their points of emphasis is on drivers doing a fast left turn off of Colesville onto Georgia to beat the oncoming northbound traffic. I’ve bitched about this before, so I won’t re-hash my argument, but mark my words: a pedestrian is eventually going to die crossing the street to get an overpriced Panera sandwich.

While they're in the neighborhood, here’s a couple other things I’d like the police to “crackdown” on in Silver Spring:

1. Parking in front of the Bank of America ATM at the corner of Georgia and Wayne.

How is it that drivers seem to be able to pull up in front of this ATM on Georgia Avenue, get out of their car, queue in the perpetual line that exists in front of the machine and finally perform their transaction with impunity? (Another blog has already dubbed this particular machine “The Slowest ATM in the World”. Simply putting on your blinkers does not make your actions legal. Neither does having your buddy stay in the car. People do this in the middle of rush hour, causing cars traveling in the right lane to get stuck in the intersection if they aren’t able to merge to their left. This is so obnoxious (and lazy), but I’ve never seen the police ever do anything about it. If you have to use this ATM, at least park your car around the corner on Ellsworth. If you are too lazy to walk around the block, just go down the street to the drive-thru B of A ATM. (Speaking of that bank, the guy who robbed it TWICE just got sixteen years.)

2. Parking on the last block of Georgia before the D.C. line during evening rush hour.

Speaking of parking illegally with impunity, there are always cars parked on the last block of Georgia Avenue before Eastern Avenue during evening rush hour. There is a whole row of “no parking” signs along this block, including signs with a little graphic of cars getting towed. I can assure you that NO cars get towed. Granted, the volume of traffic traveling in this direction is small compared to the other side of the street, but there is always a backup whenever a (large) Metrobus has to merge one lane over in order to bypass these unlawful parkers. I don’t know if for some reason this block falls into some sort of no-mans land or DMZ where Montgomery County police refuse to tread but I have NEVER seen a ticket on a single car. (And believe me, I’ve looked.) I’ve e-mailed the MoCo department of parking MULTIPLE times with zero response.

Other News:

- According to reader "cmcg", they called Piratz Tavern and were told the restaurant is set to open September 15th. (Sweet.)

- Don't forget: the Silver Spring Jazz Festival starts tommorow.


Anonymous said...

shiver me timbers, me and me mates will be at the opening of the tavern!


Rfustero said...

Amen on the parking violations.

I have been stuck behind those cars

Twoste said...

Also, can we not have people parking with impunity any more in front of the 13th St. side garage doors of Gramax Towers? Death to those who would block my ability to go and get pizza quickly!

Anonymous said...

whats going on by the metro station? the main entrance, the side with the busses, was closed. there were a ton of polic all over the place. anyone know?

Sligo said...

Just more terranoia. Police found a "suspicious package".

Jarrod said...

Actually, it is legal to "stand" in fornt of the bank of america atm on wayne and georgia. Although not during certain hours and only for a limited time. There is a street sign there stating the details. I've had to do it go get money to pay for a cab before... he didn't believe me at first either.

Sligo said...

Interesting, I'll have to check that out. I can't believe it's legal during rush hour, though.

WashingtonGardener said...

SSS said: " I really hope one of their points of emphasis is on drivers doing a fast left turn off of Colesville onto Georgia to beat the oncoming northbound traffic."
They do the same at Fenton & Wayne and many other downtown SS intersections - it is dangerous and frightening. Moreover, that and illegal mid-block U-turns (or just anywhere you feel like stopping and doing it) are increasing daily. Hope the cops start jumping on these folks.
As to stopping at the BoA ATM - go one block south and use the Chevy Chase ATM or the drive thru lanes behind it - much better access and always available. Also, the BoA fronts onto a much-used bus stop - cars abruptly stopping there impede multiple buses trying to turn onto Georgia therw - I'm waiting for one to plow into the back of a little care and send it over the curb into the bank,

Sligo said...

If I use the Chevy Chase ATM, I'm going to get charged $3 or so. Bank of America plans to build a drive-through banking center in the parking lot behind the Woodmoor shopping center. I will probably end up using that quite frequently. It can be a pain to use the one in the current B of A in that shopping center due to the shortage of parking.

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Thanks for the update about Piratz Tavern. Can't wait to see it!

WashingtonGardener said...

You might want to switch to Chevy Chase then - if you want you are seeking is easy access and lots of location - according to yesterdays WashPost biz section front page - Chevy Chase has twice the number of ATMs around town as BoA.