Sunday, September 10, 2006

Monday Morning Notes

- I didn't attend the Silver Spring Jazz Festival, but I could hear it from my house... a mile away. It was so loud, I could clearly hear the music from the concert over my stereo. It took me a few minutes to figure out where it originated, since it was bouncing off the house behind mine, making it sound like it was coming from the direction of Four Corners. I wonder if they got any complaints from people who lived closer to downtown.

Metroblogging Washington has a brief writeup of the event along with some photos.

- At about 10:50 Saturday morning I noticed a line down the block outside Oriental East, which hadn't even opened yet. I know that it's pretty good Chinese food, but is it that hard to get a table at 11 in the morning on a weekend? Is this Silver Spring's version of Adams Morgan's Pasta Mia?

- Amazingly, someone actually had something nice to say about Silver Spring on Craiglist's Rants and Raves board.

- For those curious about the hullabaloo at the Metrobus station on Friday night, it was due to a "suspicious package" being found and blown up.

- OK, this doesn't really have anything to do with Silver Spring, but go Skins!

(Sadly, Silver Spring's representative on the roster will be out for tonight's opener.)


Anonymous said...

Oriental East has long had lines at that time on Saturday morning for the Dim Sum. If you want to eat there on Saturday, I recommend waiting until about noon-- the first wave will be done by then. FYI, it is excellent dim sum!

WashingtonGardener said...

Yes, OE's dim sum is legendary - this line is typical every Sat and Sun thru-out the year - for at least the past decade. Since they moved into their bigger space I think it has gotten eveen more popular! I even have friends in the MidWest who know about this place - I think many families make it a weekly ritual.
As to the Jazz Fest - I went for a bit on Saturday - loved those 25 cent Moorenko baby cones!!! I live 6 blocks directly south of the site - I could not hear anything once I passed one block away on Fenton. I assume all the speakers/noise pointed due north.
Bonus News for you all, this was posted on the SilverSpring-TakomaParkCommunityNews yahoo group by Bonnie G:

Sligo Park Hills neighbor, James Grady, author of Three Days of the Condor, will be at the Silver Spring BORDERS, Thursday September 21st, to read from (and sign) his new novel, MAD DOGS. This is Grady's long awaited first
book in 6 years. The reading is at 7pm. Please come.

Below are two hyperlinks if the listserv will allow them:


Terry in Silver Spring said...

I LOVE Oriental East's dim sum. On both Saturday and Sunday, you need to get there about 15 minutes before they open to get in line. Otherwise, you'll be standing around for a good long time waiting for a table.

The food is great and the staff is scrupulously honest about seating people based on their time of arrival. Other dim sum places let preferred folks cut to the front of the line. Grr!

brentgilroy said...

Was away from the house all day during the jazz fest. But we live just a few blocks from town and can hear any music/movie sound. Our view is -- it's good to hear signs of life in SS, as long as they curtail it by a reasonable hour. Beats the hell out of our former background music -- sirens! :-)

WashingtonGardener said...

Brent - what direction are you from the field? North? West?

brentgilroy said...

We're east of the "turf," just beyond the library. With the wind prevailing from the west, we're right in the path of any sound up there. When they were doing sound checks Friday night, I could hear every word or note. But like I said, after years of decay, it's music to our ears!