Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Long Weekend News Wrapup

I'm back. At work. :(

- This is old news now, of course, but in case you missed it a van drove through a group of schoolkids waiting for the bus last Friday in White Oak. MoCo Progressive heard a rumor that the driver may have been unlicensed but hasn't confirmed.

- In honor of the Crocodile Hunter, who was killed yesterday, Discovery will rename their garden the "Steve Irwin Sensory Garden". (Note that CNN says that Discovery's headquarters is in "Silver Springs".) I know they were in a hurry to find some way to honor him, but "Steve Irwin Sensory Garden" sounds a bit odd. To me, at least.

- Another pedestrian was struck at the Georgia and Forest Glen intersection a few hours after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

- Yet another blogger gives us their impression of DTSS.


Anonymous said...

FYI: A banner has gone home proclaiming the empty space between the nail salon and the florist in the Lee Building plaza "Future Home of The Birchmere".

Anonymous said...

Maybe Discovery will put a giant crocodile coming out the sides of its building.

Sligo said...

Hahaha so wrong but so funny. I almost peed myself.