Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Keys to election victory (and defeat)

We may not have full election results for a week, but at least one race in Loco MoCo seems to have been decided. Jamie Raskin has claimed a "smashing victory" over incumbent state senator Ida G. Ruben. Maybe I have a sick mind, but for some reason this sounds dirty to me:

‘‘I’m overwhelmed and humbled,” Raskin said. ‘‘Outside of certain private things, this has been the greatest experience of my life.”
I attribute his victory to the ├╝bercool and ubiquitous "Raskinmobile" maroon minivan. Here's a Pulitzer-worthy photograph of it taken using my cameraphone:

With all due respect to Mrs. Ruben and her thirty-one years of service, you can't go around using a black and white photo of yourself that looks like it was taken in the 1960's on your campaign signs and appeal to younger voters. In fact, it may well have been taken in the 60's...


WashingtonGardener said...

I love that photo - so retro-chic you got to love her! And she looks pretty damn close to it in real life -- unlike the other touched-up politician shots I've seen. I'm in denial right now about Rasking winning - we'll see in the final tally.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I've been an Ida supporter for years, but her mailing where she said that Raskin helped get Bush elected was a bit too much for me. I know she's had a reputation for being mean for a long time. That actually didn't bother me because sometimes having a tough person representing you might be a GOOD thing. That mailing, though, went beyond tough to fairly sleazy and that's not something I want to see from my elected representative. It's too much like Karl Rove and his ilk.

Ida, hon, thank you for your years of service to our State and region.

Twoste said...

The folks outside Ida's office looked pretty depressed last night as I walked by.
BTW, does anyone know how this whole MoCo registered voter thing is supposed to work?
Being a somewhat new resident, I sent in my voter registration application about a month ago and have yet to receive a voter's card with my name and voter ID number on it. In Del., that's what they give you. Do they do the same here in Md.? If so, any theories on why I have yet to receive mine and why I got a Primarly Election Official Specimen Ballot in the mail?
Any advice here would be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Maryland has voter ID cards. At least, I've never had or needed one, and I've been voting here for about 25 years.

brentgilroy said...

I have a very old, stained, crumpled voter ID. They still ask for it at the polls (well, I offer it up! Maybe I could finally let it go...)

Whatever her faults might have been, Ida's defeat signals more than anything the long-awaited cleansing of the Democratic Party by those who are convinced that they only way to win the White House and Congress (and stay in control of legislatures such as MD's) is to "go hard left." Anyone advocating military action of any kind (not just Iraq), or any level of cooperation between business and labor, between environmentalists and corporations, better drop that stance or get out of the way. As with the national Rs, moderation is definitely NOT a virtue.

That doesn't bode well for Silver Spring revitalization, IMHO. If Raskin is against being cozy with business, surely he won't support state funding for the Birchmere (because think about it, if they get money then big box retail gets money..).

Terry in Silver Spring said...

We used to have voter registration cards, but now I get a postcard when something about my registration has changed (i.e., the redistricting or polling place change).

I believe you can check your registration status on

Bring your photo id to the poll, particularly the first time you vote. You'll be asked to give them your address, SSN, and DOB as confirmation of who you are.

Nate said...

I agree, this may have been the worst chosen political campaign photo in history. When one of your opponent's main arguments is that you've been in power too long and that it's past time for a change, it seems spectacularly foolish to plaster a photo that looks like it was taken before your FIRST campaign all over the county.

Personally, I think that the "Bush loves Jamie" flyer may have been both the ugliest and most ludicrously over-reaching political mailing I've ever received, and that Rubin deserved to lose for that reason alone. Another campaign flyer was deliberately designed to look like an official constituent mailing, and our house got more several machine phone calls from her campaign in the last few weeks. I, for one, am glad she lost, even if Raskin's supporters do seem a little too much like they've been drinkin' the Kool-aid.

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