Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hump Day News 'N Notes

- Talk Like a Pirate Day has come and gone, and Piratz Tavern remains unopened. They are in danger of losing the buzz that they've been able to generate, in my opinion. I worry that Piratz Tavern may end up like Snakes on a Plane, preceded by a lot of buzz and opening to decent business but then quickly fading.

If the food is genuinely good and the atmosphere such that adults want to return, it might do OK. There's certainly an opportunity to attract some of the kids birthday party business during the weekends, but can it get the corporate crowds during the week?

UPDATE: A reader just emailed me about a recent pirate sighting.

Just FYI, coming home on Metro last night at 8:30, I rode with a couple wearing full pirate garb. When we got off in Silver Spring, I obviously knew where they were heading.

Indeed, when I walked by Piratz Tavern it was open for a private party. I peeked inside, and can report waiters wearing pantaloons and at least one with an eye patch!

- Speaking of restaurants not being open, has there been something wrong with the Quarry House lately? I tried to go there for lunch last week and it was closed due to "technical difficulties". A reader also reports that it was dark all weekend. Anyone have any info?

- The police in Silver Spring are "shorthanded" and there are "lots of
street robberies" in Downtown Silver Spring, according to this account of a meeting with the officer in charge of the Silver Spring CBD.

- Jamie Raskin's primary victory may have a negative impact on Silver Spring.

- Silver Spring has its own "School of Rock"


Twoste said...

Hahaha! Usually if someone calls out "Freebird!" at a show I want punch them in the head.
But that's still f-ing awesome. If Jack Black comes for a visit I'm so there, we'll party at Hard Times Cafe.

WashingtonGardener said...

That is the fictionalized movie reference - here is the REAL one:
I saw this docu last year and found it really inspiring - every town should have one of these and when do the adult lessons start?

Anonymous said...

Was anyone off put by the comment in the Raskin article about him wanting to lower the voting age to 16?

Um... I don't think a group of people who view Paris Hilton and Ashley Simpson as role models should have any say in anything.

Silver Spring Skins said...

Wow, keep on top of the Quarry House situation! That's my favorite place in Silver Spring. Maybe they just closed temporarily do fix up the bathrooms or something??

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #1, please don't marginalize today's youth based on their cultural tastes. They're the leaders of tomorrow, so let them have their fun today. At any rate, the 40+ plus set may have more to be ashamed about after willingly choosing the Carpenters, disco, and the most hideous clothing ever inflicted on America.

groovything said...

I also spotted a pirate, a rather clean looking one, getting money out of an ATM at Chevy Chase at Georgia and Cameron. Complete with sword and eye patch.

Anonymous said...

The Quarry House was packed Saturday night. Even had a band playing.

Anonymous said...

I walked by Piratz Tavern yesterday and the owner (?) said they were opening up today! Friday, September 22nd. But I'll see it to believe it.

He said they had just hosted a party for all of the Renaissance player actors. So that's what someone probably saw the other night.

WashingtonGardener said...

The Piratz front door was open last night as was the Quarry House! This was about 9:30 pm on Thursday. Now all we need is to get a few more clubs up there and it will become a real nightlife district.

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