Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Was 70's Silver Spring a haven for Satanists?

Rumors of a mysterious gravesite along the proposed path of the Purple Line in East Silver Spring are floating around the SSTOP (Silver Spring/Thayer Opposed to the Plan) message board. The group's apparent hope is that, if the rumors prove true, this might derail plans to run the train through that neighborhood.

However, this poster concedes that there might be another explanation for the tombstone sighting:

Maybe they weren't really graves but stolen tombstones for some satanic cult that lived over there in the early '70's. There were definitely more crazies back then than there are today. I guess they moved to Takoma Park.
(Emphasis mine.)

I think SSTOP should do like the baddies in Scooby-Doo and dress up like ghosts to scare off the railway engineers.

All kidding aside, I can certainly empathize with their plight. I'd be doing everything I could to prevent it if people were trying to run railroad tracks through my front yard, too.


Elliot said...

It's not just the back yards that the train will run through (although "Not in my Backyard" is literal), but also East Silver Spring Elementary School and Sligo Creek Park.
The thought of children having to cross four lanes of traffic, including train tracks across Thayer to get to school is even scarier than the tombstones. Zoinks!
Further reading on how scary this is:

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