Sunday, August 06, 2006

"Smile, you son of a bitch."

There is deep sadness in the Silver Spring community today. The inflatable shark that we have all come to know and love over the past two weeks has been unceremoniously deflated (or as I see it, murdered) by the cruel folks at Discovery. I guess because Shark Week is over he has outlived his usefulness as a marketing gimmick and they can just throw him out like yesterday's garbage. To them he may just have been a big balloon blocking their view, but I feel like the shark (or "Chompy", as I came to call him) had become part of our Silver Spring family. We will all miss him. Please keep Chompy in your prayers tonight.


Rfustero said...

I will keep Chompy in my prayers, but I hope I didnt have one of his relatives on my grill tonight--or maybe it was Chompy--either way--yummy!

Terry said...

Will Chompy rise like a phoenix next year during Shark Week?

Sligo said...

Beats me. I heard that they had him last year but didn't end up using him for whatever reason.

Silver Springer said...

The county wouldn't let them, don't knnow what changed their minds.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I read a suggestion somewhere that Chompy should be mounted on that new pirate bar that's opening on Georgia Avenue (across from Bombay Gaylord). Given the size of the building, it'd be QUITE a sight.

Sligo said...

That was me, in my original post about the shark.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

True brilliance sticks in my mind, I just can't recall where I read it from time to time.

WashingtonGardener said...

They did not use him last year as they pulled all the Shark Week promos when a rash of shark attacks hit the news - it just would've been poor taste.

Anonymous said...

There were shark attacks last year? Does Chompy have an alibi?

Anonymous said...

There is a good possibility that "Chompy" will be back for another three weeks next year for for Discovery Channel's SharkWeek....something to look forward to!

Anonymous said...

There are three rumors going around at Discovery as to why the shark wasn't used last year:

1. It was too close to 9/11 and the shark resembled a plane flying into a building. WTF???

2. There were too many shark attacks at the time.

3. The county said it was too much of a promotion (or something like that) and didn't allow it.

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