Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- A Montgomery County school bus 'abandoned' a Woodlin Elementary School (alma mater of Dave Chappelle) kindergartner, leaving him to wander around Silver Spring alone for an hour. To add to the school's embarrassment, the story has hit the the wires and gone international.

- Local political candidates are "walking the Purple Line" with residents of neighborhoods that will potentially be affected by its construction. The unfortunate reality is that no matter where they ultimately put it, somebody is going to lose out. What I'd like to see is some drawings as to what the train line would actually look like in these neighborhoods, rather than just lines across a map. I am having trouble visualizing it.

Also, what if they built the Purple Line and didn't color it purple? Would it still be the "Purple Line"? Something to think about.

- The Gazette has a profile of Fred Folsom, the man who created the statue of The Mayor in the "Mayor's Promenade". I found this amusing:

‘‘He looked like [former President] Lyndon Johnson. I had to change his face just a little bit,” Folsom said.

The resemblance was so great, Folsom said, that Johnson himself noticed it when he passed the real Lane in Silver Spring on the way back from a visit to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Johnson took a moment to stop and talk with Lane, and get his photo taken. Lane, Folsom said, was unfazed.
I'd like to see that photo, if it still exists.

- Finally, happy birthday to Silver Springer Lewis Black, who never fails to crack on his hometown in his monologues:
"Its only claim to fame is that it's the largest unincorporated city in America. In other words, we were too lazy to govern ourselves. The town motto was, 'I'd like to vote, but I don't feel like driving.'"
Its OK because he's from here. [via Metroblogging Washington]


Silver Springer said...

Red, Blue, Green Lines etc aren't colored either. Are they still those colors?

Sligo said...

I meant on the map, not LITERALLY colored purple. It'd be a lot cooler if it was, though. There'd be no confusion when the train came out of the tunnel as to what line it was on.

thecourtyard said...

Are you telling me Dave Chappelle went to my elementary school? Quit pulling my leg . . .

Sligo said...

Dude, its on Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Chappelle was on The Actor's Studio with James Lipton and said himself that he went to Woodlin.

Sligo said...

That was actually the subject of my second-ever post.

Twoste said...

If Lewis Black didn't make a career out of overwhelming negativity about everything -- which he does incredibly well, IMO -- then I might be offended by the Silver Spring remarks. But I'm not. I laugh at them. Happy Birthday back in BLACK!

Rfustero said...

And we mustn't forget Goldie Hawn

groovything said...

Our very own Silver Springer, Lewis Black is set to get his own show on comedy central. A Daily Show spin off, I think.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Those two purple line options seem largely designed to avoid Takoma Park.

Sligo said...

I imagine THAT is a fight they don't want to pick.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

My thought EXACTLY.

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