Monday, August 21, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

There seems to be very little going on in Silver Spring this week, hence the dearth of posts.

- It is always comforting to see your congressional representative's staff being led away in handcuffs. Can we get redistricted, please? The current district map doesn't even make any damn sense:

Also, why is "PG Plaza" represented on the map?

- Be sure to check out this extremely convincing UFO sighting in "Silver Springs, Maryland". Someone call Agent Mulder. (Note that there was an episode of X-Files where Mulder and Scully DID visit "Silver Springs, Maryland".)

Random picture for today:

This post over at Silver Spring Scene made me think of it. If you have to ask, you'll never know.

Also not directly Silver Spring related, but does anyone remember who this is?


groovything said...

Geraldo, right?

Sligo said...

LOL not even close.

Sligo said...

Hint: its local.

WashingtonGardener said...

Geraldo?!? That is my man, Captain 20!
Nrings back memories - that Jhoon Rhee (sp?) kid was all over TV in the late 70s - I remember we would jump up on cue and karate chop to touch his fist on the screen at the end of the commercial.

As to the districting - we in downtown SS are the victims of gerrymandering a few years back engineered to get Connie Morella out and Van Hollen in office. It pisses me off as it is so blatant - at least be more subtle if you are going to pull this BS - pretend you think we are not stupid.

Sligo said...

Good call! Captain 20 actually has a website.

Sean said...

Is the winking pic the "nobody bothers me" kid from those old karate ads?

Sligo said...

Yes, but do you remember the phone number?

Silver Springer said...

Shame on you! It's the "Mall at Prince George's" now! Just let it roll off your tounge.

Anonymous said...

Call USA-1000. Jhoon Rhee means fight for right!

My favorite Captain 20 moment was when he concocted some drink and exclaimed, "Blimey! It's an Irish Limey!" I wonder if he knew what kind of Anglo-Irish tensions he exacerbated with those five words.

Sligo said...

For some reason I thought it was "fight for life" but I think you're right.

I am happy to report that the phone number is still in use.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Nobody bothers me!

Nobody bothers me, either!

Call USA-1000!

Those kids were CUTE. Did you see the commerical they ran a few years back with the children as adults? The son runs the business now, evidently

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA LOL CAptain 20. Watching his show occupied a significant portiaon of my childhood. Wow thanks for that memory. I had the honor of being a contest participant one morning. They would show some space shootem up video game on the screen and the contestant would tell them when to "fire" I actually talked to the guy.