Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Miss "Chompy"? Check out the short film on You Tube, "(Silver) Spring Break Shark Attack". [via Hello, MoCo] While you're on You Tube, also be sure to watch Lewis Black's thoughts on telling people he's from Silver Spring.

- I recently discussed rumors (apparently groundless) that a Gifford's Ice Cream outlet would be opening sometime in Silver Spring. Yesterday the Post had a profile of Gifford's, and notes that they recently moved their manufacturing operations to a Silver Spring factory. Come on, you are going to open a factory here but not a store?

As an alternative to the downtown ice cream parlors, I highly recommend York Castle ice cream on Georgia Avenue, where you can get Guiness-flavored ice cream.

- I find the wording in this MoCo PD report from an accident at the 7-11 at University & Piney Branch somewhat amusing/sad:

The victim had walked a short distance from the front of the store when he was struck by a 2002 Honda Accord, driven by Alfred Okine 67-years-of-age, of the 8800 block of Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring. The victim unfortunately was pinned to the wall by the front of the Honda Accord.
I guess the guy was still fortunate after he was hit by a car... it was only once he was pinned against the wall that he became unlucky. That is the Worst 7-11 Ever™... it got so bad awhile years ago that they even built a police substation right next to it. When a shopping center gets its own substation, that's a bad sign. Remember when there used to be one in the Silver Spring Shopping Center? How times have changed.

UPDATE [via MoCo Progressive]:
Police have identified the accident victim who was pinned against the wall of a 7-11 in Silver Spring as Raul Eduardo Caballero, age 45.

Mr. Caballero is no stranger to unfortunate events. As far back as 1994, he was indicted for sexual offenses with an underage victim, along with other crimes. For reasons that are not clear, the State's Attorney decided to Nolle Prosequi (withhold prosecution of) the charges, and the cases were ultimately dismissed.
Sounds like karma to me.


WashingtonGardener said...

Check out this clip of kids on the "astroturf" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUiE41wBBFs&mode=related&search=. Makes a good arguement for more green space downtown - they could sell tix to that show!
BTW my fave local ice cream place is Summer Delights in downtown Takoma Park - 15 minute walk for those downtown SSers near the SoPo and in East Silver Spring.

Rfustero said...

York Castle, used to be owner by an ex-employee of Giffords, and used to carry Gifford's recipe ice-cream--they have a new owner but you may want to ask if they still carrif Giffords ice-cream.

York also carries the holiday ice cream rolls that the Wash. post article mentions--now if only they would mention me

Terry in Silver Spring said...

The Guinness ice cream at York Castle is wonderful! Have you tried some of the other unusual flavors? Soursop is really good (despite the name), sort of a complex multi-fruit taste.