Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Here's some details on the opening of Ray's: The Steaks (which is actually Thursday) from Tom Sietsema's WP chat:

Last but far from least, Ray's The Classics (8606 Colesville Road, Silver Spring; 301-588-7297) is FINALLY opening its doors to the general public this Thursday, August 3. Owner Michael Landrum's much-awaited restaurant, a spinoff of his wildly popular Ray's The Steaks in Arlington, has been quietly serving meals for the past four weeks, but only "to friends and family." Beginning next week, the 120-seat RTC --- which includes a bar called (what else?) Ray's The Bar -- will serve dinner Wednesday through Saturday for a few weeks, before expanding those days to include Tuesday night. On the range: Michael Hartzer, late of Michel Richard Citronelle. Better start dialing, foodies! (Or are we now calling 'em "gastronauts"?)
- Looking for a room to rent in Silver Spring? This one sounds fantastic.

- Is Gifford's coming back to Silver Spring? I keep hearing this but have never seen anything concrete. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Three ice cream places have already opened up in Silver Spring over the past year or so. With that amount of competition already in place, I am somewhat skeptical.


groovything said...

There was an article about Giffords a few months ago, maybe longer about their future plans. From what I remember, they are opening a shop in Rockville (I think) and then Silver Spring. But I don't remember if they had a timeline associated.

R. Ariel said...

Thanks for the Craigslist "Room for Rent" link. I clicked on it thinking it was a serious add! Very funny indeed...had to forward it along to my co-workers!

Thanks for the morning chuckle!

thecourtyard said...

Gifford's already sells ice cream out of Mayorga, so in a way they're still here. On the other hand, I haven't been too impressed by the Gifford's in Bethesda. It's just not as good as I remember it being. And I've really taken a shine to Moorenko's. Could they be the new Gifford's? Perhaps . . .

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