Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Over 225 people showed up to complain to officials from Metro and elsewhere about the intersection at Georgia Ave & Forest Glen Rd. I am still waiting for the outrage to start over the Georgia & Colesville intersection. It will happen when a pedestrian finally gets killed by a left-turning car trying to beat the light.

- DCist visited the Gallery Nightclub in South Silver Spring and had good things to say about the music and atmosphere. Nothing about the food, though. Any opinions out there?

I do have an issue with the author's closing line: "in a perfect world, we'd ask for Gallery to be in D.C." No, in a perfect world, you'd be in Silver Spring.

- "Flowers. Candygram."


thecourtyard said...

Motorists and pedestrians alike need to wise up. I run across Columbia Pike at Musgrove Road, a rural road-turned-construction-bypass, every day at rush hour. Patience has been the only thing keeping me alive.

WashingtonGardener said...

Can you ut a link to the DCist post on Gallery? - can't locate it on their site

And yes, George & Colesville is a deathtrap as are all the downtown intersections that have left-turners trying to beat the oncoming lane of traffic and speeding into pedestrians. Fenton & Wayne is a common place for me to be seen fleeing from illegal turners as is Colesville & East-West Highway.

Sligo said...

I added the link to DCist.

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

Dear Sligo,

I've eaten at the Gallery twice, and both times, the food was incredibly bland. I'm not one to intentionally add sodium to my food, but it at least needed a dash of salt. I had appetizers both times, and they did not "appetize" me enough to convince me to order a meal there, which I would have been happy to do. I had the beef/steak taco appetizer and the "chicken on a stick"-type appetizer. Not to mention, the portions were incredibly small.

However, the cosmos and mojitos were delicious and well-balanced.

The staff was friendly and efficient.

As for the atmosphere... nice inside... but outside... the patio is a parking lot. And who feels comfortable sitting down to meal in a parking lot?

All in all, I wanted to like Gallery more than I did.

Anonymous said...

capt. Jack should lay off the Rum and give his taste buds a rest so that he can enjoy the subtlety of Chef Ward Deal's wizardry. Granted, I haven't had the items he mentioned, but I can say that Gallery's food is incredible. I usually have the Yucca fries or Civiche for appetizers. For main courses I go for either the chipotle shrimp, enchiladas verdes, mussels or salmon. I only eat fish and veggie dishes, but people rave about the skirt steak.

I like the graffiti art on the patio, but the scene could use a bit more color and ambiance. It's nice though when it gets dark out and they bring out the fake candles (how else to dscribe those glowing sticks)...

Anyway, Gallery's a truly unique spot with a great product. We need more of these in SS.

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

I met Chef Ward while scoping out the Gallery one afternoon... and believe me, I wanted to like the food more than I did--heck, I live only a block away!

I expected a lot more flavor from the food than the menu seems to promise. Maybe it was just an off-night for our tacos and quinoa-crusted chicken? My roommate, who considers Chiptole's mild tomato salsa to be spicy, called Chef Ward's chicken appetizer bland. And I have to agree with her. I had never heard her call anything "bland" before since she basically eats meat and and potatoes... but she was on the money.

But this was several months ago. Perhaps the food has taken a turn for the flavorful?

Capt. Jack Sparrow said...

P.S. Delicious yucca fries can be had at the Caribbean Grill for cheap right by the Caribou Coffee place at the Blairs. Don't forget a sauce for dipping!

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