Friday, August 11, 2006

Silver Spring Machete Rapist Arrested

The alleged Silver Spring "machete rapist" has been arrested, after other charges against him were dropped just days before the crime was committed. (The National Machete Association refused to comment.)

I've noticed that almost all the worst crimes seem to occur right in that one corner of Silver Spring. Can't we just jettison it and make it part of Langley Park or something? That area seemed perfectly safe years ago. It had the Flower Theater, Packett's Pharmacy, a Baskin-Robbins and a great soft-serve ice cream stand. There was also the duckpin bowling alley on the corner of Piney Branch and University that I used to go to birthday parties at. Now its just sketchy over there. I don't think I'd even go to the Giant.


Nate said...

I'll agree that there are times of night when the area seems pretty sketchy, and like Langley Park the sheer number of pedestrians is somewhat unsettling at times for those of us behind the wheel. I don't think it's actually all that risky, however, and it still has a few places worth visiting. Great deals on Latin American foods, avocados and fresh fish at the Bestway supermarket, and the best taco truck in the area can be found behind the gas station at the intersection of Piney Branch and Arliss Street (the one in front of the Bestway isn't nearly as good).

It's definitely a shame about the Flower Theater, though ... now that it's a church it'll probably never be a movie theater again, and a second-run theater would be GREAT in that location.

Jt said...

You rule! I love your posts. I'm one of your biggest fans.

Sligo said...

Langley Park is so strange. There are murders and mass gang arrests there relatively frequently, but there are also awesome Indian restaurants there. (Udupi Palace & Woodlands)

Langley Park used to be OK. I remember going to see movies in the theater that used to be in that shopping center. Its amazing how many movie theaters there used to be around here. Three in downtotown Silver Spring alone.

Anonymous said...

I think the bowling alley was Fontana, wasn't it? By the way, I shop at that Giant all the time; never had the slightest problem.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in that area, going to the theater, Summer Delights (before they moved to Takoma Park), and the duck pin bowling alley. I now live with my husband in the same area. I guess to some it may seem sketchy what with all the immigrants and such. The thing is it really isn't, and not only are the restaurants good but the Giant is actually nice. You have to be careful the same way you have to be careful anywhere in the DC metro area. I don't walk to my car late at night by myself, and I am careful dirving because the area is congested. When I lived in downtown Silver Spring I actually felt more worried about crime as places seemed pretty deserted late at night especially walking home form the metro. And it was in downtown SS that our car was broken into (they stole a broken cd player, so they must not have beenthat smart). We like where we live now, people smile at us on the street and say hello when we go walking in the neighborhood. And the owners of businesses are always very nice! there is a criminal element but, you just have to use good judgement. Recently when a man was robbed and shot by Piney Branch the community banded together to find the persons responsible. I guess what I am trying to say is that you can't judge a place by what it appears sometimes, and that a lot of times people are afraid and fearful of what they don't know.