Friday, August 18, 2006

"Shabby Chic" coming to Silver Spring?

An anonymous reader sent me some tidbits on Piratz Tavern and a retailer that is considering setting up shop in Silver Spring:

Yesterday, I saw a man leaving Piratz Tavern and decided to say hello. He said that they hope to be open by the end of the month and they have been floored with how much interest their is in the restaurant. I guess people keep knocking on the door asking to see inside. I can't wait until it's open.

Finally (this is a biggie) one of my best friends from college called me last night to say she is coming down from Philly for work next week. She works in the market development dept. of Urban Outfitters. She said they are looking at a space in Silver Spring that is getting redeveloped with Bed, Bath, & Beyond as an anchor. An Urban Outfitters would be pretty sweet. They also are the parent company of Anthopologie, which would be cool I guess, but they don't have guy stuff.
Anthropologie... (shudder) You will never find me within a hundred yards of that place. However, there are probably 1,000 women at Discovery Communications who would be there on a daily basis.


thecourtyard said...

Wasn't Bed, Bath and Beyond going to City Place? That means . . . City Place is getting Urban Outfitters, which means . . . oh, God! We really have gentrified.

Silver Sprunger said...

city place is movin' on up

GElliot said...

Awesome news.. Glad to hear City Place is getting the tenants the residents of Silver Spring deserve..

Anonymous said...

Dude... Any store selling things that are remotely useful would be considered "gentrification" compared to what's in that mall now.

Sligo said...

Remember when there was the lingerie store with windows on on Fenton St? That was claaaaasy.

Anonymous said...

screw Urban Outfitters, give me an Anthropologie anyday, won't have to drive out to Bethesda or Tysons anymore

Sligo said...

Bethesda? I don't care what they call it, that Anthropologie is in ROCKVILLE.

WashingtonGardener said...

Just like White Flint is in KENSIGNTON, people! LOL

Well, I'd welcome any and all 3 of those BB&B, UO and Anthropologie -- even if you are a guy I'd think you'd be happy just for the gift shopping possibilities.

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