Friday, August 18, 2006

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Silver Spring News 'N Notes - "Snakes on a Plane" edition.

"I've had it with these mother f'n posts on this mother f'n blog!"

- Signs on a Condo: The Canada Dry sign has been put back in its former location atop what is now part of the Silverton Condominiums. That's some nice (presumably) free advertising for them. [via Silver Spring Scene]

Silver Spring Scene has posted a "now" photo. Um, perhaps they should have just put the building out of its misery. Now it looks like some sort of Frankenstein monster building with the original warehouse's head attached.

Flicks on a Rug: The free movies on Veteran's Field/"The Turf" start next Thursday.

Authors in a Store
: Crime author and Silver Spring resident George Pelicanos will be at the Silver Spring Borders next Saturday signing copies of his new book, The Night Gardener. Speaking of Pelicanos, the fourth season of The Wire is starting soon. Woo hoo.

Terps in a Cell: Silver Springer Lonny Baxter - still in jail.

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