Sunday, August 27, 2006

Future of Outdoor Films in SS?

Did anyone attend the outdoor film showing last night in DTSS? I had completely forgotten about it, but happened to be down there to see a movie at AFI. I couldn't understand initially why there was so much traffic going into downtown at 9 o'clock. Once I got down there and saw the crowds of people (and the spotlights), I remembered. I mean it was PACKED down there. The Ellsworth garage was completely full - I was lucky to catch someone leaving and snag their spot.

The area of "Veteran's Field" roped off for the audience was jam-packed with people. I had no idea that this event would have been so popular. It got me to thinking though - is this a one-time thing, rather than the first installment of an annual event? Once construction begins on the "luxury" condos and ice rink/civic center, this area will no longer be available for outdoor films, which is a shame considering how popular it proved. I don't know where else you could host such an event in that area. Even if you could find a large enough open space, it would likely be near some residential structure, which would probably preclude it from getting county approval. Perhaps you could erect a screen in Silver Plaza, but you’d have to get sign-off from the businesses whose entrances might become obstructed. Hopefully they have something planned for next year.

P.S.: I finally saw the permit sign for the 8-story City Place tower. Couldn't they find a better place to post it? It looks terrible there.


Silver Springer said...

This is exactly why we need to keep the turf. Does anybody want to start a petition or something with the other groups in support of it?

pennster said...

Like I said at SSS, I think it's OK if "the turf" leaves us. Strathmore Hall field in North Bethesda will continue to be able to hold film festivals like that in the future, just as they did earlier this month.

Doing something like that in Silver Plaza is a possibility as they already hold *loud* concerts there in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy Little Miss Sunshine? I loved it.

Incidentally, my husband and I went to Ray's on Saturday night (without a reservation) to check it out. We sat at the bar area where you can eat without a reservation - the food was delicious but the service was horrid - we were there for over 2 hours. Will have to be more organized next time and make a reservation. or is the service bad in the restaurant area as well?

thecourtyard said...

Man, we were in the same movie and you didn't say "hi"?

I think the relevance of "The Turf" goes beyond film festivals (and, besides, who wants to go all the way out to Strathmore?) If the ice rink doesn't go in "Veterans' Plaza" will be paved, which won't be nearly as inviting as a lawn. Think Boston Common (but smaller). It would be even more successful than it is now.

Twoste said...

Why not just pull it up and plant real grass? I'd be for that. But it needs something else, it lacks a certain je ne cest qua. Like a big pagoda thing in the middle to the park, and perhaps a little series of canals with little bridges.
I'm thinking along the lines of that park in "The Music Man." Anyone know what I mean?

Anonymous said...

Real Grass would be a really bad idea. It would turn into a dirt field in about 2 days.

I think they should get rid of the Turf and build a Wendy's. heehee.

I really, really hope they do not build a concrete urban park (like the kind by the Metro). Those are nothing but magnets for homeless people (which I don't have anything against, per se, but it would detract from the "re-gentrification" of SS.

Sligo said...

What it was some sort of NFL-quality fake grass, rather than the carpeting that they have now. Has something like this ever been used in a public area?