Friday, August 25, 2006

City Place Piling it On?

Not satisfied with four floors of crappyness, City Place is expanding upward. According to multiple eyewitness reports, permits have been posted on the building informing the public that eight floors of offices are to be added on to the top of the existing structure. I haven't been downtown today to corroborate this, but be sure to check it out if you are in the neighborhood.

Where did this suddenly come from? I've never heard of this project until today. Anyone got some dirt?

It is interesting how the focus on development in downtown has quickly shifted from "luxury" condos to office space.


thecourtyard said...

Think about the views from on top of City Place! The money that would have to be lavished on the mall and the kind of high-end retailers that located in a complex like that (I'm thinking Copley Square Plaza in Boston, but maybe I'm getting carried away) - think about the parking problems! I'm excited.

Rfustero said...

I would like to see a rooftop restaurant- with an open patio-

brentgilroy said...

Unfortuantely, this City Place project -- despite beign a potential life-saver and resurrecter (sp?) of City Place -- may be the project that galvanizes the long-slumbering opposition to density in downtown SS. The Seven Oaks neighborhood where I leave (south of the library)is almost certain to howl about the "massive" size and "the shadow that will be cast over our neighborhood" (potentially leading to a "nuclear winter," I'm sure!)

Sligo said...

I live in Seven Oaks as well, and I'm generally OK with the idea, although I'd rather they fix up the strip on the other side of Colesville first before adding on to City Place. I do worry about the cool streamlined architecture of the building being even more bastardized than it already is, with that metal grate thing tacked on to it.

brentgilroy said...

The Lee family owns pretty much all (if not all) of the other side of Colesville. I've heard they're waiting for a "sure thing" before commiting to a project -- and as we all know, there's no such animal. But we do seem to be hitting critical mass; having more new office workers right across the street above City Place (adding to the Discovery crowd and other recent arrivals) could finally spur them to upgrade that block. Of course, that's where Birchmere also would go -- but we know how long that's been pending.

thecourtyard said...

I missed something earlier: City Place is five floors, not four.

There's talk both here and over at Silver Spring Scene about how the good views afforded by a high-rise building are made impossible when all the buildings downtown are the same height . . . but if the City Place tower is built, it's guaranteed good views to the south, because most everything around it is low-rise and will remain so for a while (I'm talking Ellsworth here).

Sligo said...

Close enough. Besides, the fifth floor is pretty much a dead zone, with the movie theater closed and all. Its pretty pathetic that a brand-new 10 screen theater like that only lasted about 10 years or so.

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