Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's going on with the fountain??

Reader Sarah poses the question: "What's going on with the fountain??" For those of you who hadn't noticed, the fountain in the DTSS area (official name "Spring Creek") has been out of commission for some time.

My original theory was that some Bethesda lawyer's kid fell down while playing in the fountain and skinned their knee and they closed it to put in some woodchips or something. However, after a little research I found this letter to "fountain enthusiasts" (???) on the Downtown Silver Spring website:

Dear Fountain Enthusiasts:

The interactive fountain is closed due to cracks and chips in the mosaic tiles. Ceramic tiles have been ordered from Italy to replace the entire mosaic. We are hopeful that the mosaicĂ‚’s artist will begin the reinstallation in May and that the fountain will be open sometime in July. At this time we cannot provide a specific date for opening the fountain. We regret that the fountain will not be open sooner, but we believe that the changes that are being made during the reinstallation process will help to ensure that we have a safe and beautiful fountain that can be enjoyed by all for many years.

Thank you for your patience!
Perhaps people were a little too "interactive" with it. Let's hope the re-installation has a longer life than two years.


sarah said...

you rule! thanks. Hope it comes back soon.

Twoste said...

Bigger question: What happened to the penguin mural at the Metro? I know this may be an outdated question, but I didn't hear one peep about it suddenly being taken down in any of the local newspapers. Maybe I just missed all the stories, but I doubt it.
Is it being restored? Or is it gone for good?

Anonymous said...

Remember when the fountain was just plain fun to watch? Then at some point there was encouragement for kids to put on their swim suits and play in the thing...without appropriate adult supervision. I saw kids sit on soon-to-be-exploded spray jets, stick their faces over soon-to-be-exploded spray jets, run carelessly across slippery tiles and all manner of behavior that taunts litigation lovers. The somebody's-gonna-poke-an-eye-out part of me wants the fountain returned to its status as a cool artwork, not a playground.

Silver Springer said...

You're damned if ya do and your damned if ya don't. The problem is that if the county puts up a sign saying "no kids allowed" they will get bags of angry letters from parents and may hurt business. If they continue to let kids play in the fountain, expect a heavy law suit from that one parent blaming the county and developers that they should have put a "no play sign" because "Jimmy cut his feet on the tiles".

P.S. there are more issues with the fountain than just the tiles.

Sligo said...


Here's a story on the current status of the penguin Mural.

thecourtyard said...

It's "Silver Creek," not "Spring Creek." Hence its location in "Silver Plaza."

Sligo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sligo said...

The Silver Spring Downtown site begs to differ.

Anonymous said...

I think they ought to just say kids are not allowed to play in the fountain--it clearly is not safe for the children and ruined the tiles in a short time. It also seemed like baby sitters or day care centers were even bringing groups of children to play there, and that's just not what it was designed to do! I think 99 percent of parents would understand and maybe even appreciate a "no playing in the water" rule.

Sligo said...

Yes, and how clean is that water?

Anonymous said...

The Fountain was designed for kids to play in. The tiles are not slippery as proven by someone who had been drinking one evening and decided it would be a good slip and slide. Didn't work.
The water is treated, filtered and monitored just like a public swimming pool and checked regularly by the County Health Department.
Come on guys, let the little kids have some fun.

Messiah said...

I talked to the construction guys when they were tearing up the fountain -- they said the cracks were due to dastardly skateboarders. So I guess we will see some signs on the new fountain, but only ones prohibiting skateboarders. Which I've never seen in the fountain before, anyway.

Sean said...

The Gazette's Silver Spring edition did a little blurb on the fountain's woes this week. In addition to the tile replacement, the Gazette said they're also doing pressure tests on the pipes because they fear a leak.

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