Monday, July 10, 2006

Silver Spring News Recap

I've been out of town for a week, so I'm just catching up on recent Silver Spring news. This is just a small sampling from the last few days. I will follow up with additional stuff when I get a chance.

- Silver Spring has a baseball team (sort of). The Silver Spring - Takoma Thunderbolts play their games at the Montgomery Blair baseball field. According to their website they are planning on building a "new stadium". Where that would be, I have no idea. The site also strangely refers to the Four Corners area as a "small town setting". Also, why is it necessary to include Takoma in the name?

- A Post editorial promotes a Purple Line which would run between Bethesda and Silver Spring (and beyond?).

- According to this Channel 9 story, the Birchmere will be coming to Silver Spring at some point. (See this earlier post for more details on the Birchmere plan.)

- Beginning this week, NIH will be sponsoring a free film festival with shows every Wednesday at the AFI Silver Theatre. I have personally never heard of any of these movies. I wish they'd move the NIH Outdoor Film Festival that they have every year in Bethesda (and in "North Bethesda" after 9/11) to "Veterans Field" in Silver Spring. They have a lot more summer popcorny movies at that one. They already showed a film on the field during SilverDocs.

AFI will also be showing Raiders of the Lost Ark, which I have heard of and which is playing this week at the AFI. Sadly, those showings aren't free.

UPDATE: There IS an outdoor film series planned for Silver Spring. The lineup isn't quite up to the NIH standards, but it's a start.

- DCist sings the praises of Silver Spring, and thinks Silver Spring may be turning into "what Clarendon wanted to become". Be sure to read the comments section - there are quite a few interesting opinions. One reader claims that in Silver Spring, "helicopters hovering overhead with searchlights aren't rare". OK, I've never seen "ghetto birds" in Silver Spring, but I have seen them in "nice" neighborhoods in DC around Rock Creek Park.


Anonymous said...

Silver Spring will be having a free outdoor film festival a Veterans Field in August. Go to
to see what is coming.

YoungNBrave said...

Ghetto Birds...that's great.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Saw a ghetto bird this past Sunday night scoping Shepherd Park, a slight interruption from my rooftop view of the brilliant orange, nearly-full moon.

barnes said...

My SO saw one last month, but since we moved here (ten years ago), I've never seen a police helicopter in Silver Spring. I'll be that people are confusing them with all of the traffic helicopters, DoD aircraft (Marine One), or any of the other handful of aircraft that have regular flight patterns (Medevac, etc.) just east of downtown.

Sligo said...

I'm sure it is much safer to live in a nice neighborhood where murders and robberies never occur, like Georgetown...

Nate said...

I'm guessing that the Thunderbolts have Takoma in their name because up until not very long ago they played their games on a field at Columbia Union College, which is in Takoma Park. If they've actually moved to SS full time, the Takoma will probably drop off eventually.