Thursday, July 27, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- In a comment on my previous post, someone noted that D.C. mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty complained that D.C. residents are forced to look at the Silver Spring signs at the district border. Anyone have more detail on this (or a link to the exact quote)?

- There was some discussion of the service (or lack thereof) at Mandalay in yesterday's chat with food critic Tom Sietsema. I've never personally had a problem with the service there, but even if I did, the food would still make it worth going. This comment caught my eye:

As wonderful as Mandalay may have been on that one occasion, that does not excuse their POLICY of turning off the lights and blasting "Closing Time" at 5 minutes before their posted closing time.
I've never been there at closing, so I don't know if they are saying that someone comes on and says "closing time" or they actually play the Semisonic song of the same title. I hope the former is true, because the latter would be really lame, even at some cheesy college bar.

- Thanks to $500K of federal money, the south entrance to the Metro station will finally be opened. (Its hard to walk around the corner!) Speaking of the Metro station, it also has new bike posts.

- MoCo will be deploying more cops in Silver Spring in response to an increased number of killings and robberies in certain parts of the county.


Anonymous said...

The south entrance to the SS metro MAY get its $500,000 funding. The pork laden bill hasn't passed Congress yet, but who would deny retiring Sen Sarbanes a few last desserts?

urbannomad said...

That's funny that you mentioned Mandalay's service. I used to be a big fan but after my last experience I no longer go there. I was bragging to some visitng friends about how great Mandalay was so we went there on a saturday night, not too late (I think they close relatively early), but it was about 20 minutes before the posted closing time. and we were treated terribly. We actually had to get up and find someone just to take or drink and food order... and they were very rude and unhappy about having us pay to eat there. Then in the middle of the meal the woman who had been vaccuming the whole time came to our table and we had to lift our feet up while eating so she could vacuum undernearth our table. Needless to say the check was thrown at us before we were even finished eating.

I understand that people want to get home, especially on the weekends, and I'm cool with them cleaning up and stuff while we're eating. But there really is no excuse to treat people so rudely even if it is getting close to closing time. By the end of the meal we no more than 10 minutes later than closing time... not a huge deal. Obviously, I still harbor some anger over that night. :) And it's too bad because the food is good, but not that good.

WashingtonGardener said...

SSS said, "Thanks to $500K of federal money, the south entrance to the Metro station will finally be opened. (Its hard to walk around the corner!)"
IT is not harder just doesn't make any sense and I'll be very glad when they finally do it -- will save me the 30 seconds of time that costs me missing the next train several times - not to mention the inconvenience of stepping over the pee puddles under the bridge area and past the patchoulli sellers.
WHY that side was not open from the beginning is a mystery to me, but with the increase in condos and development in south Silver Spring it is about time to open it up.

Anonymous said...

I (heart) Aaron Klein.

Terry said...

I'm looking for a web page with Fenty's quote about the Silver Spring markers. He said it shortly after they went up.

Sligo said...

There used to be a nice big sign for DC on the circle @ 16th & 29 with a picture of painted rowhouses. I kinda liked that then they took it down.

Anonymous said...

We definitely go to Mandalay for the food, not the service. It's always been that way, it's not like there was this change all of a sudden.

Oh and they DO play "Closing Time" by Semisonic. We thought it was funny, and we got the hint. Brought back memories of College days in College bars...

NotYourBroom said...

Mandalay service is great. I can't believe people are having a bad experience - though I've neve been at closing time. The service is always really fast and always accurate. They are especially nice to the people who come regularly like us. If we go on a week night when they are slow, the owner's son will bring our drinks before we order and ask us how we are doing. Even if they are busy he will still say hello. It's like my neighborhood restaurant where I can always go to feel at home - I always feel welcome, know that the service will be quick and friendly, and that the food will be delicious.

Anonymous said...

The article you refer to about crime indicates that regionally killings and robberies are up, you indicate that is true for Silver Spring. While robberies are up in SS as in the region, killings are not. Please don't make negative statements about Silver Spring that are not true. People read your blog and they don't need misinformation.

Sligo said...

Um, no I didn't. My exact words were "in response to an increased number of killings and robberies in certain parts of the county". "Certain parts of the county" doesn't necessarily mean Silver Spring. And for what it is worth, it isn't like there hasn't been a murder in Silver Spring. Maybe not downtown, but there has been at least one.

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