Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

Not a lot going on...

- The Gazette has an article on the sale of the old Silver Spring fire station. Initially, $2.5 million seemed like a lot to me, but when compared to the $1 million asking price for a newsstand on the same block, it seems like a bargain. Then again, I know squat about commercial real estate.

- A couple of friends have produced a play about the 70 Metrobus, which runs between Silver Spring and the Southwest Waterfront.

- I noticed someone on Sligo Creek Pkwy had a Linda Cropp for D.C. mayor sign in their front yard. Don't we have enough local races to worry about?


Terry said...

I think I'd be more upset if it was a Fenty sign. He's the one who complained that the sensitive residents of NW shouldn't have to look at the apparently unsightly Silver Spring markers (those blue fountain things). Honestly, as if those Silver Spring things were the worst thing that NW folks are forced to experience. Fenty needs some priorities.

Sligo said...

He said that? Got a link?

Too bad people in Silver Spring have to look at the unsightly DC side of Georgia Avenue.

Anonymous said...

As part of my job I drive all over Montgomery County. You would be amazed at the number of signs I have seen around here for DC candidates for Mayor and Council. The first couple of times I thought I must have gotten REALLY lost.

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the issue with the Silver Spring markers was that they were on the wrong side of the street. They were on 16th Street going into the District and therefore misleading. Nothing to do with being "unsightly."

C. P. Zilliacus said...

There are a lot of people that
work for the D.C. Government (or
for a contractor doing work for
the D.C. Government) but do not
reside there, but reside in a
suburban jurisdiction,
including Montgomery County.
There are also residents of
Montgomery County who have
family members that live in D.C.,
or have some other kind of
vested interest in what goes
on in the District of Columbia.

And there are many people in
D.C. who still want to think of
the District as the center of
the region - which it is in
geographic terms, but
not otherwise any longer. Not
for nothing is the Capital
Beltway (and, in particular,
not the Metrorail
system) the "Main Street" of
the region.

As for Fenty's comments, well,
IMO, what goes on outside of
D.C. are not really his
concern. He's got plenty of
problems to deal with as a D.C.
elected official.

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