Friday, July 21, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The planning board has given final approval to the construction of "The Ellsworth" condos. Yipee. We've heard how these condos are going to be the "Last Word in urban convenience, comfort and style". At least it will draw some eye candy to DTSS, as (based on the pictures from their website) everyone that lives there will be really hot. I'll just be happy when they remove their stupid ads that dominate the corner building at Ellsworth and Georgia.

- Just in time for the opening of Piratz Tavern, a "sobering center" will be established in Silver Spring.

- Crossing Georgia is a whole website dedicated to the intersection named the most congested spot in all of Montgomery County. Maybe it didn't qualify for the survey, but the Whole Foods/Strosniders parking lot in DTSS is EASILY the most congested place in MoCo, if not on Earth. (via Hello, MoCo)


Anonymous said...

So now we have people who are almost certainly on public assistance using taxpayer dollars to purchase alcoholic products from the only country in the entire country that owns distribution of all alcoholic products. And then we are using more taxpayer dollar to detoxify them.

How will we know when we have imported enough poverty?

Anonymous said...

That should be "the only county in the entire country"

Anonymous said...

I have a semi-related / unrelated comment.
That location of the Ellsworth looks great. I am looking to move into the downtown SS area. I am renting and was wondering how safe is the area around the Aurora condo ( 13th and Eastern Ave ) They claim its walkable to CVS and metro but how safe of a walk. Is it something you would want to talk at night?

Anonymous said...

As to safety at Aurora -- I would say it's still pretry iffy at night, esp. if by "night" you mean after rush hour. Surely all the recent development between Metro and Ga. Ave. along E-W Hwy means more people, but there are almost no businesses yet on that stretch -- meaning fewwer eyes on you.

Short answer -- probably OK to walk if you come home from work early, but not later. And a bit risky, still, to walk back to the Giant or CVS if you need something at 9 p.m.

urbannomad said...

I guess it depends on your idea of "safe." I have walked both East West and Georgia avenue in that area at night, granted not much after 1am, but pretty late and I'd say it's safe. I've never had any problems or even felt uneasy for that matter, but then again I guess that all depends on what makes you feel unsafe. For instance, I would not be comfortable with my wife walking alone in those areas at night just because they are sort of dark, "dead" areas without many witnesses :).

groovything said...

I've felt very safe in downtown in the past few years, though I'm not usually out walking after midnight. My suggestion would be to ask the county for a crime report of the specific area. Check the website for info on how to request it. I asked for one years ago and they provided it that day, so very quick. I think you just give them your address and they'll send you a report.

Robin Ficker said...

It takes someone as lucky as Forest Gump to be in the right place at the right time to cross
Georgia Ave. at Forest Glen. Changes must be made. Also why don't we have drop-off points at the side of the Beltway so that drivers can drop off Forest Glen Metro riders at the new walkway there withoout leaving the Beltway.

Who Cares! said...

Stupid Ads? What else would you rather see? An empty store front? I think the ads add something to that would be drab space.

Sligo said...

Yes, I actually would rather see an empty storefront.

Matt said...

Georgia avenue tunnel is a great idea.

Sligo said...

How about a tunnel @ Georgia and Colesville?

Twoste said...

Anonymous --
Are you crazy? The 13th and Eastern Ave. area is completely safe, at night, during the day, 24/7. Trust me. You have nothing to fear.

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