Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The Internets have been abuzz over the shark, and even the Post has finally caught on. For those of you interested, here's what it looks like on the inside.

- DCist has jumped on the Piratz bandwagon.

- I feel a great disturbance in the Force. According to Just up the Pike, the so-called "Death Star" house on Cedar Road is set to suffer a fate more ignominious that the actual Death Stars'. How can they turn that poor little house into such a monstrosity?

- Apparently some of the "exceptional amenities" the Silverton Condo refers to in its website include crooked walls and uneven floors.

UPDATE: According to an eyewitness who has been in the unit in question, both the walls and floors are in fact quite level, as are those in the remainder of the building. Perhaps the original poster's head is just crooked.

- The grand opening of the new Silver Spring fire station is this Sunday. There will be an open house starting at 1:00 PM and a ceremony starts at 2:30. What would be really cool is if they'd raffle off the old one. (via the Silver Spring Historical Society)


Terry in Silver Spring said...

Among the "exceptional amenities" of the Silverton Condos are big old freight trains rumbling way too close to your building. When the car carriers come through, the building must shake. Yikes.

Silver Springer said...

"Welcome to the city, fool".

Urbannomad said...

No kidding terry. I've always thought that was a horrible location for a "high-end" condo. I know they have a large concrete parking garage behind the building so hopefully that minimizes the effects of frieght trains, but no way would I pay those prices to live ontop of a frieght rail line (as if I could afford it anyway)... a block or two away maybe but not ontop it. Reminds me of the small, dirty industrial town I grew up in on the east side of Houston waking up to trains and refinery explosions all night.