Monday, July 03, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- The Post has more details on the "Rapid Bus" route proposed for Silver Spring to National Archives route:

It takes nearly one hour to travel the 54 stops along the corridor between Archives and Silver Spring on Metrobus routes 70 and 71. The Rapid Bus, with about 15 stops, would cut travel time to between 38 and 45 minutes.
- Bubble Meter continues to deride the flippers at the Mica Condos.

- Just Up the Pike wonders if DTSS is proselytizing to shoppers.

- Holy Cross Hospital "Struggles to Serve".


Donatony said...

Too funny. I can't believe that. Last I knew, this wasn't Manhattan where you could get away with asking that much.

Love the blog, btw. I've been living in SS for a little over a year now, so it's interesting to see the old & new SS.

David said...

Thanks for the mention. Mica Condos seem to be the epicenter of the Silver Spring Housing Bubble.

groovything said...

I actually went to the Crab Feast at Mica a few weeks ago -- not becuase I wanted to buy a condo, definitely not for the crab. Just to poke around and see the place. Mica has the "old building" stench--it's like the smell from an old car, but more engulfing. Why pay new construction prices for old stank? Nice standards, though-hardwood, stainless steel. Has a pool and will have a new fitness center. Huge condo fees, b/c it's an old building. They're giving something like $20,000 in closing costs (will also cover monthly condos fees up to the amount, if your closing costs are less than $20,000). I wouldn't want to live there, but can see the allure.

Anonymous said...


Just curious - how was the pool at Mica ? Also, did there seem to be much interest based on the Crab Feast attendance ?

groovything said...

Sorry, didn't pay too much attention to the pool. It looked like a standard pool. There certainly were A LOT of people chowing down on was kinda gross. If you're managing the marketing of some upcoming development, do a BBQ or cookout and don't forget the corn.

Sligo said...

A Mica buyer has started a Yahoo! Group: