Monday, July 17, 2006

NEWS FLASH: Piratz Tavern website is live!

Great news for all of you anxiously awaiting the launch of the Piratz Tavern website - it's up!! Not all the areas of the site are fully operational, but you can get a good idea of the decor and outfits from the gallery page.

Check out the the staff costume:


Anonymous said...

I cannot wait for this place to open. How can I not be excited about a bar/resturant with a pirate theme less than 6 six blocks from my house. I wait in baited breathe until thou' shall open your matey's doors!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. This is the very kind of thing that was proposed in the American Dream "Megamall" -- over the top themed restaurants appealing to all ages -- and was promptly shouted down at community meetings as not being high-brow enough for us. "The kind of tacky thing you'd see in some Southern or Midwest town" was a typical comment. I wonder if "the community" will rise up against this? Certainly it will mean more people and traffic downtown -- and our "community leaders" have always maintained that "we" do not want this.

Sligo said...

If you were familiar with the building Piratz will be located in, you wouldn't be saying that... it's small, not some giant medieval-themed faux castle. I don't think Georgia Avenue is going to start looking like the Vegas Strip anytime soon.

Now walk the plank!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, personally, I think it will be fine. But it's interesting what (again), our "leaders" think is right for us and what is not And it wasn't just size that the "megamall haters" were against -- it was anything that was not "intellectual" (unless it was the Quarry House) or mainstream(except for Ben & Jerry's and Starbucks).

However, if the Head Pirate embraces the proper politics, he'll do fine.

Anonymous said...

You overlook one HUGE difference between the American Dream Megamall and Piratz Tavern; one is a huge corporation and one is a local small business. I think this place is going to be a hit. Not only do we have great Cuban, Ethopian, Latin, Italian, American, and Thai cuisine, but now we can add Pirate Cuisine to the list. AARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHH!

WashingtonGardener said...

I peaked over the fence yesterday on my way to the metro - I cannot wait!!!! Nice job and eager to see the full inside.
Also, I thought the Discovery shark was going to be really cool - but gotta say I'm not so in love with it. When you come OFF the metro the shark is staring you down. Kinda creepy. Small children and those weak of heart - beware.

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