Friday, July 14, 2006

For Sale: Silver Spring Fire Station

Now that the SSFD has moved into its new digs across the street, the old Silver Spring fire station is being put on the market.

From the Silver Spring Historical Society:

This coming week the Silver Spring Volunteer Fire
Dept. Inc., owner of the historic 1914 Silver Spring
Volunteer Fire Dept. #1 (located on "Main Street"
Georgia Avenue at the corner of Silver Spring Avenue),
will place the landmark firehouse on the market.

The minimum offer the seller will considered is $2.5
million dollars with the highest offer to be accepted.

I informed the real estate broker that it was
imperative that ANY prospective buyer understand that
the structure is listed in Montgomery County's
Locational Atlas & Index of Historic Sites (which does
NOT preclude the structure from being demolished...
any changes to the structure would have to go through
a regulatory review process) and that we (SSHS) would
work with the broker to find a sympathetic buyer.
I'm not sure what types of uses that kind of building would be good for. Perhaps it could serve as an alternate location for the new Birchmere. I'd personally love to buy it and convert it into a badass house (does it still have a firepole??) but 2.5 mil is a bit out of my reach. I would hope they wouldn't tear it down, but at that price it might be hard to find someone who could use the current structure and make it financially worthwhile.

The bad news is that this comes at a time when there might be a "tidal wave" of new building proposals in Silver Spring, thanks to the recently-passed Workforce Housing Proposal. That location might be too tantalizing for luxury condo developers to pass up. Especially due to it's close proximity to the new pirate bar.

No matter what happens, they need to keep that big glowing red "1" up somewhere.

For those interested, you can get SSFD "ENG1INE" t-shirts from their website. (Although they are sold out at the moment.)


thecourtyard said...

Pick up the apostrophe in "it's" at the beginning. You dropped it.

As for the fire station - that would make a pretty tight music club and help to round out the vibe they're going for in South Silver Spring (I will never call it "SoPo") with Mayorga and Jackie's.

Sligo said...

Damn, didn't realize I had a personal editor!

Anonymous said...

The Old Fire Station is too small for either Birchmere or a condo project. But I like the idea from the courtyard.

Anonymous said...

if i had some mondo cash on hand, I would buy it and open the worlds largest store selling silver springs. we would not sell anything else, just silver springs. the name of the store would be (silver spring)2

David said...

more retail.

Anonymous said...

Silgo-get a bunch of friends and create a commune out of it....

Sligo said...

How about a Silver Spring museum?

WashingtonGardener said...

The railroad station across the street - next to new fire station -has SS historic displays in it - no need to duplicate it.
I agree with Courtyard -- my first thought was amazing club as well. The SSHistory suggestion of restuarant seems not ambitious enough - plus we have so many - who needs another eatting place? This is what downtown SS does NOT have and needs IMHO:
- pet store
- craft/sewing supply store
- architectural salvage store
- building supply store
- roller-skating rink
- garden supply/nursery
- bakery (a real one!)
- jazz club
- teahouse
- Target
- Filene's basement
- permanent flea market (like Camden Maket in London)

Sligo said...

An architectural salvage store would be AWESOME, but I wonder if it could justify the asking price. I love The Brass Knob in Adams Morgan. If there was a similar store in Silver Spring, I'd practically live there.