Friday, June 30, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- According to the propaganda for the Aspen Ridge townhouses, Silver Spring is Montgomery County's "sweetheart city", whatever that means.

This is good, too: "In fact, living in Montgomery County, there are few of the world’s pleasures you can’t find within a short trip from your home" (Via Just Up The Pike)

- United Theraputics' new drug manufacturing plant at the corner of Spring & Cameron Streets in SS opened yesterday. It's good to see the drug business is making a comeback downtown!

- Overheard in Silver Spring:

Silver Spring Metro: Tourist (attempting to push bill through station manager's window): "A one-way ticket to Gallery Place, please." (From DCist)

Personally witnessed at Home Depot paint counter: (Man turns to his wife, incensed that Home Depot is attempting to con him) "Look at this ad - six dollars off one can of paint and thirty-five dollars off five cans of paint. Six times five IS thirty-five!" This sure 'aint Bethesda.


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