Thursday, June 29, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Silver Spring has a "Downtown Boomtown".

- Guess what, more condos:

Condominium units. Cypress Realty Investments LLC, Washington. A site plan for 210 units on 1.8 acres, on the east side of Georgia Avenue between Burlington Avenue and Stoddard Place in Silver Spring.
It will be right next to the train tracks- nice and quiet. This is the current location of the National Association of Dyers and Cleaners building. I'm not sure what the fate of that building will be.

- DCist has an interview with Rock N' Romp (of Silver Spring) founder Debbie Lee. She discusses the upcoming Rock-n-Romp Showcase at the Quarry House.

- There is a "puppet walk" scheduled for July 9th in Downtown Silver Spring.


Anonymous said...

I thought that montgomery college was going to use the cleaning and drying institute as part of expansion. Before that it was HOC property with potential for becoming low-mod income housing, but that didn't happen.

thecourtyard said...

According to the Park and Planning Commission, the Institute of Drying and Cleaning will be incorporated into the new building - I assume like those rowhouse facades in D.C. with high-rises behind them.

WashingtonGardener said...

Notice that there is NO left turn from Georgia Ave going South - so that to get to these planned condos from the Beltway or any points north of the DC border - you'll have to turn left at Sligo Ave. right at Fenton, left on Burlington, then right into the driveway/road being added behind the building. Needless to say we residents of East Silver Spring are opposed to this project and theplague of numerous additional car-trips through our neighborhoods.
Further the plans to 'preserve' the current building will probably not retain its most attractive and unique feature which is the tile roof :-(.

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