Friday, June 23, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- A New Republic contributor writes today in a column discussing the resignation of Doug Duncan that Downtown Silver Spring used to be "unsafe for habitation". OK, it wasn't THAT bad. Thanks to Doug Duncan, the author writes, "Parents can allow their children to go there on weekends without fearing for their lives." Note that this guy lives in Silver Spring.

- The Silver Spring Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station will be open this Saturday for "Heritage Days".

- Speaking of the station, someone built a scale model of it and surrounding buildings:

(Click for larger picture)


Anonymous said...

The author calls Doug Duncan "a shy and retiring policy wonk". I don't think Duncan's best friend or worst enemy would call him THAT. The whole article was pretty silly and inaccurate, in my view.

Anonymous said...

The discussion of just how bad Silver Spring was before the renewal prompted me to look up an old quote that has always made me mad. In a Washington Post article from August 3, 1995, titled "Mega-Mall Developer Sets Sights on Silver Spring" about the American Dream Mall project:
"The people who are involved in the process have reached the same conclusion" said Steve Silverman, president-elect of the Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce. "And that's that we can either move forward [with the megamall], or we can continue with downtown Beirut."
Take a look at Silverman's website and you'll see he tries to take credit for the revitalization. The idea of him being County Executive is terrible.

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