Monday, June 26, 2006

Northwest Branch bridge still closed

The bridge over the Northwest Branch between Four Corners and White Oak is still closed due to mudslides. They've been out there all day with big trucks trying to haul it away, so hopefully it will be gone by rush hour, but I wouldn't count on it.

When that stretch of road is closed, it is traffic hell. There is no good detour to get over that particular body of water, so the backup probably stretched all the way up to Columbia this morning. I remember last year there was a bad accident in almost the same place, and for whatever reason they left the body lying there for hours during peak rush hour and no one was allowed to drive by in either direction. I had to get out and start walking down the street (right past the body), which was particularly hard because there is inexplicably no sidewalk on that stretch, despite the fact that they have located a bus stop halfway down the road. You have to stand on a small hill while cars go by at 50 MPH a few feet from your face.


C. P. Zilliacus said...

Gunnar, that bridge is a vulnerable
weak point in the transportation
network of Eastern Montgomery
County. Not only does it carry
heavy traffic (56,550 vehicles
every 24 hours at Lockwood Drive, according to the SHA), it
also serves numerous Metrobuses
and some MTA commuter buses as

It was badly damaged in two
separate storms in the 1970's,
one of which was Hurricane Agnes
in 1972. And more recently,
it's been damaged at least once
by the flooding Nothwest Branch.

I would hope that SHA would eventually put a project in place
to fix this bridge - though
repairs will be expensive, as they
may want to lengthen the bridge
to allow more water to flow under
it in a significant rain event.

Sligo said...

Hey, at least its better than the bridge in the post above.

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