Thursday, June 08, 2006

Lewis Black on Silver Spring

There is some brief discussion of Silver Spring in Lewis Black's chat yesterday on

Frederick, Md.: Mr. Black: Do you ever return to Blossom Lane, S.S., Md? You and your friends enjoyed growing up there, even though you were not a very good football player.

Lewis Black: I will hopefully be doing a fundraiser for my alma mater, Springbrook High School, sometime in December.

Silver Spring, Md.: Hey, thanks for taking the time. You are hilarious on "The Daily Show," and we've seen you live at least twice. You are hilarious live, also.

We have a quick, quirky question, and then just one or two about Silver Spring. First, how much does AC/DC get paid every time "Back in Black" is played for your segment?

Regarding Silver Spring: What part of Silver Spring did you grow up in, do you still have friends from that area in that area today, and how often do you make it back to visit there?

Thanks again for taking the time to do this.

Lewis Black: I'm not sure.

White Oak, Md., if it's still called White Oak. Yes, I have a number of friends still there. I make it back a couple of times a year.

Maryland: Do you miss anything at all about Maryland? Would you ever want to move back (despite its proximity to the political slime in D.C.)?

Lewis Black: I miss my friends. But I wouldn't move back.


WashingtonGardener said...

Just FYI LOTS happening in downtown SS this week: the DSW is opening today, a "pirate" pub is applying for a liquor license across the street from the Quarry House on Georgia Ave, a huge banner decorates the Discovery building (Japanese tourist seen taking photos of it!), 88 degrees and Alchemy market in the Arts Alley on Saturday, and the unveiling of the new art work under the train overpass -- much more, but gotta run off to get prepped for my Open Garden today.

Anonymous said...

Just caught the new HBO Lewis Black comedy special recorded at the Warner Theater in DC, where he talks about being from Silver Spring in the opening moments.

Anonymous said...

Im from white oak and i know he dont want to come back. I lived there for 18 years on Lockwood dr in the section 8 apartments and was robbed a lot of times. The neighborhood is not what it use to be drugs,crime and cops everywhere, now i know why he dont want to go back.

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