Monday, June 19, 2006

For Sale: 2BR/1BA Windmill - Walk to Metro!

The Alexander Company, one of the developers responsible for renovating the Forest Glen Seminary, will be selling some of the sorority houses to private buyers who would then be responsible for completing the renovation themselves.

It would be several years, Vos says, before his team could turn its attention to the small sorority buildings that were designed to look like such things as a Swiss chalet, an Italian villa and a Dutch windmill.

Therefore, Alexander decided to sell off the properties. Prospective buyers have to show that they have a qualified architect, a contractor and the financing to pull off a historic rehab true to the buildings' history.
Oh, and start saving now if you want to own the coolest house in Silver Spring:
The Alexander Co. is saving the best of the properties for last. In lieu of a construction trailer, the developer is working out of a three-story Japanese pagoda built in 1904. Once the project is nearly complete, Alexander will likely put the pagoda on the market as well, Vos says.
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