Friday, June 09, 2006

AstroTurf "lawn" = Veteran's Field?

Since when did the AstroTurf SoftLawn carpet at Ellsworth and Fenton become "Veteran's Field"? Was there some sort of ceremony or was this done in secret? A Google search returns very few references to any "Veteran's Field" in Silver Spring. I'm all for recognizing veterans of current and former wars, but can't they do something better than this, especially if they are going to take it away?

"Thanks for serving in Iraq. Yeah, we tore down the armory to make way for a parking garage, but we've honored you with a green polypropylene carpet instead. Well, at least until we put an replace it with an ice rink." (Does it then become Veteran's Rink?)

Speaking of which, the restaurant business in Silver Spring is going to take a bit of a hit when they close down Walter Reed.

Washington Post: Green Means Go


Anonymous said...

Veterans Plaza (don't know where the “field” part came from) will become an ice skating rink once the Civic Center is built. I believe right behind the ice rink will be a pavilion like plaza dedicated to Veterans so it will be more than just some fake grass and right behind the civic center will be the Ellsworth condos. That being said I like the Astro turf the way it is, it really invites people to relax and play. Who the hell is going ice skating in Silver Spring anyways and what are they going to do with it during the spring\summer? I would hope turning it back into an open field during the spring\summer would be a compromise.

As for Walter Reed, no worries if everything goes as planned. I’m actually quite pleased the District officials aren’t getting their clammy hands on the land, they wanted to build more retail and housing(like D.C. needs more of that) but instead the Fed gov said hells no and wants to build government offices of about 9 MILLION SQUARE FEET for the GSA and DOD. This will do wonders for downtown Silver Spring and generate needed jobs instead of retail and housing for that area of D.C. What the district officials planned would have detracted and hurt downtown Silver Spring. The intended plan by the Fed gov will bring far more people to Silver Spring than what D.C. gov wants, it will also encourage offices for contractors to built in Silver Spring as well. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Veterans Plaza will be an attractive public space that includes a pavilion of about 7,000 sq feet that will be used for ice skating in the winter and for concerts and other outdoor events in the summer. The Plaza will include a memorial design by Toby Mendez, the artist who did the Thurgood Marshall memorial at the State Capital in Annapolis.
Since the artifical turf was put in as an interim installation so the site could be used until construction starts early next year, it was called Veterans Field (as a temporary name) in anticipation of the Veterans Plaza.

Sligo said...

I agree about the pointlessness of the ice rink. Remember, the ice rink in Bethesda didn't last.

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