Saturday, May 27, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Can someone explain to me why ever time I go to the Majestic 20, there are dozens of people in the ticket line, yet almost no one using the ticket kiosks? I don't understand why people elect to queue for 10+ minutes when they can easily get their tickets from the machine in a matter of seconds. If you are a kid and don't have a credit card I can understand, but apparently a majority of the adult theatre-going population in Silver Spring is either non-creditworthy or doesn't trust modern technology. I'm not complaining because it means I never have to wait for tickets- I am just trying to comprehend the psychology behind this behavior. (P.S. X-Men: The Last Stand is pretty good.)

- The Quarry House Tavern's jukebox gets high marks in today's Washington Post. I still need to check out the "new" Quarry House one of these days.

- One of the last (the last?) Little Taverns is for sale. Maybe someone can buy it and replace the one that was torn down on Georgia Avenue...


barnes said...

I'd guess that some people assume that the kiosks are only for picking up tickets purchased online. At least, that was my assumption until I checked it out today (also seeing X-Men).

Today was the only time I didn't see a huge line at the kiosks as well, though.

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Kim of Impression Emedia said...

Tip! Do not run in here the last minute thinking you'll get in quickly. They will not let that happen, folks. You ARE gonna wait!