Friday, May 19, 2006

Mystery Four Corners Building

I came across an auction on eBay for a postcard of the "Stone House Inn" in Four Corners. I don't know anything about this building, where it was, etc. Anyone have any info?

Someone must have liked it, because the beat up postcard ended up selling for over $20.

UPDATE: According to reader C. P. Zilliacus , the Stone House Inn was located where the Jerry's Subs and 7-11 now stand.


C. P. Zilliacus said...

I once delivered the Washington Post to the Stone House Inn.

It was located on the parcel of land in Four Corners where the 7-11 and Jerry's Sub Shop now stand - the southwest corner of Colesville Road (U.S. 29) and westbound University Boulevard (Md. 193).

Sligo said...

Thanks for the info!

C. P. Zilliacus said...

More trivia about "downtown" Four Corners, some from long ago.

The Pizza place next to McDonald's was (for many years) an automobile transmission shop. Before that, it was Fire Station 16 of the Silver Spring Volunteer Fire Department (which is now located on University Boulevard East just outside the Beltway).

The mattress store directly across the westbound lanes of University Boulevard from the Stone House Inn site was a High's Dairy Store.

The parking lot that belongs to the Marvin Methodist Church, directly across Colesvlle Road from the Stone House Inn site was once a Sunoco gas station.

Anonymous said...

And I believe there was an "Esso" station in what is now just the parking lot for the Woodmoor Shopping Center, diagonally across from the Stone House Inn. I can remember when the CVS store there was a Peoples Drug and had a lunch counter. And Larry's Five & Ten!

C. P. Zilliacus said...

> And I believe there was an
> "Esso" station in what is now
> just the parking lot for
> the Woodmoor Shopping Center,
> diagonally across from the
> Stone House Inn.

Correct! The Esso changed
branding to Texaco at about the
time that most Essos became
Exxon. It later became a
Steuart, then Agip, then went
out of business when the
State Highway Administration
took a large chunk of its land
for the improved intersections
at Four Corners.

> I can remember when the CVS
> store there was a Peoples Drug
> and had a lunch counter.


> And Larry's Five & Ten!

Also correct. And Katz's
Kosher supermarket was
located on University
Boulevard East, in the south
end of the Woodmoor shopping
center. At one time, Katz's
was one of the very few
grocery stores to be open on
Sundays (of course, because
they observed the Sabbath
on Saturday).

Continuing with food, the site
of McDonald's is fairly new as
the Golden Arches. Before that,
it was Roy Rogers, before that
Gino's, and before that Tops.
Both Gino's and Tops featured
KFC in addition to the usual
fast food fatburgers.

Sligo said...

You forgot that the Roy Rogers was briefly converted into a Hardee's then switched back to a Roy's after people stopped going!

Anonymous said...

Am I imagining things, or was there once a bowling alley in the basement of the shopping center, where the Silver Spring Stage is now?

C. P. Zilliacus said...

> Am I imagining things, or was
> there once a bowling alley in
> the basement of the shopping
> center, where the Silver
> Spring Stage is now?

Don't know about bowling, but
there was a billiards place there
at one time. In that
general vicinity, there was
also once a Montgomery County
"Dispensary" (county-owned
liquor store).

Gunnar, I don't know how many
contacts (if any) that you have
with Sweden these days, but
I've always found it quite
amusing to explain to
visiting Swedes that we have
an analog to Systembolaget
here in Montgomery County
that's owned and operated by
the local government.

Woodmoor Grown said...

Indeed the Silver Spring Stage was once a bowling alley and later became a billiards parlour -- I bowled and played billiards there before it became the stage. On another note, the Old Stone House Inn had live music on the weekends -- my Dad's band performed there regularly. Thanks for the great post -- brings back many found memories.

Willie said...

Does anyone have photos of woodmoore shopping ctr., Larrys, peoples, the head shop, or 4 corners elem. school ?
I grew up down the street from Eric Zilliacus.

Rfustero said...

I believe that the bowling alley before becoming a pool hall was also a slot car venue at one time. Does anyone remember slot cars?

Anonymous said...

The Stone House Inn was owned by the Dickout (I believe this is the spelling) family who married into the Jesters.

joesnewsstand said...

Ron's Esso was the name of the station. He was unusual in that he owned the land the station stood on... so when he has a disagreement with Esso, voila, it became Ron's Texaco. I think he later farmed out the gasoline end of the business and just ran the repairs, if memory serves. I grew up not far from there in the 50s. I remember the Stone House Inn, which was run by John Emory. My folks took us there for lunch most Saturdays for many years. Before it was Katz's, the supermarket was an Acme. There was a small toy store, Strosnider's Hardware, a little deli that made most of its money on Sundays selling beer in the days of the old blue laws. I believe that before it was Larrys 5 & 10, it was Strosnider's 5 & 10. There was a barber shop and a realty office (Keller?) in the arcade. The real estate office later became Nicholson, Ouldt & Nourie opticians. There was also a small jewelers, or watch repair shop that later became a record store for a short time. There was a bakery, a Federal Market. I remember the lunch counter in Peoples and then next to them was Willard's, which was a clothing store. The Highs store was a gas station before it became a Highs... a Mobil I think, which then moved a block further down University Blvd when the state widened Colesville Road. That picture of the Stone House Inn was taken prior to that time, because it shows the parking area in front of the restaurant that was wiped out when the road was widened. Just to the left of the restaurant in the photo (a little further south on Colesville Road)was the Indian Spring Market, a small building that later became the office for Safford's RV sales before being torn down. If anyone has any old photos of the Woodmoor Shopping Center, I would love to see them!

joesnewsstand said...

Oh, yeah, one more thing. I can remember talking to Mr. Emory about the restaurant and he told me that the building had originally been a gas station. I'm not sure if he ran it as a gas station couldn't make a go of it and turned it into a restaurant, or if somebody else couldn't and then he bought it. I think I may have heard or read that it was a Shell station, but I'm not certain about that.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, ther was a neon sign at the Stonehouse in the shape of a soup ladle. I also remember rolling nickles down the gutter to the "pin boy" to bowl extra frames. It was at the bowling alley where I became addicted to Feetos and mustard, washed down with a cherry coke. Yum!

randalla said...

And who can forget the Fred and Harry's seafood restaurant that stood for years behind the old High's store (now a 7/11)

JB Cratchet said...

Oh lets see..... growing up in "The Corners"....

I remember being able to WALK to kindergarten at 4CES... Mrs Fonoroff was my teacher and she recently retired as principal of Dufief ES.

Before that, Creative Carousel at the Rec Center faux-log house, along with the summer program at Rec Center. Would LOVE to see old photos of the area. From the Rec Center, I remember me and my 6 year old older sister walking up to "Doc's" (the Four Corners Pharmacy where the check cashing office now occupies in very sterile fashion) and gorge ourselves on 2 dollars worth of candy.... that was big living then, and there was no worry about bad guys back then.... the days were sunny and warm.

Strosniders moved to Kemp Mill, and recently closed its doors for good.... the last of a dying breed of hardware store.

Highs you could still get the return deposit on an empty bottle and have enough to buy a new soda if you had a quarter.

Does Gino's even still exist as a company? A Gino Giant, large fries and chocolate shake was $1.54. The smells on a spring Sunday morning were just delicious. If you came from Church at St. B's , the wind carried the bakery smells right over the parking lot... MMMMMMM.

I hope that the bakery stays forever....

pictures and stories please?

lilkunta said...

Kemp Mill Strosniders closed. BUt is is open in downtown silver spring. across from whoel foods.

Anonymous said...

I know e ziliacus I grew up on brunnett ave!

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm b parks! Went to fces 65~70 mrs foward. Mrs caldwell mr nuzzaci and mrs ritze! And mr cavenauh,s paddle! And mrs ginzure pe!

Joyce Robinson said...

And how about the POST OFFICE...wood floors and the windows had bars on them...I can still see in my minds eye the pictures on the wall of the then MOST WANTED....Also Doc's Pharmacy...we actually got a monthly bill from Doc....and there was also a Toy Store and Pet Store on that side of the street one or two doors down from Fred & Harrys. I am so happy that I have such great memories of being a kid..

Anonymous said...

What year was the Stone House Inn? I moved to White Oak area in 1965. Still live there. I keep hoping they'll bring back Roy Rogers where that horrible Mcdonalds is.

joesnewsstand said...

Stone House Inn was open into the '70s, I believe. I know it was open in the '50s and possibly earllier.

Dean said...

We had an end of year Cub Scout meeting at Stone House Inn (about 1969). A magician performed and my friend Ricky Ellis and I almost died laughing when he stuffed his mouth with ping pong balls. So many good Four Corners memories...

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Skies Miltonia said...

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Anonymous said...

life intedifI worked at Allen's Luncheonette, down from High's in the late 50's and early 60's. Before that it was Metcalf's and they made their own ice cream and doughnuts. We also made our own carbonated water for the fountain drinks.

Anonymous said...

Grew up in 4-corners in the 60's went to Northwood High School. Would love to get a photo of the tops Drive-in if anyone out there has one, my e-mail is Thanks

jenine herron said...

In the mid 40's the Esso station was owned by the Strosnider, I do have old pictures of the Esso station with my grandparents and their 6 boys Walter, Ervin, Archie, Red, CA, Lee and Shirley
(my mom)

My grandfather sold the gas station to Rex Yenzer. Then I know Ronnie Bore(not sure about the spelling)

They did open Strosnider's 5 & 10
my dad bought the store from them in 1961 and then it was Larry's 5 & 10.

Then Larry(my dad) opened Larry's Little Critters.That was across the street

The Hardware store was Strosniders which was Lee Strosniders. They did move to Kemp Mill and then closed.

The Kay Robin gift shop was owned by Juanita Strosnider & Walter Strosnider. They also had a gift shop in Bethesda a few doors down from the hardware store.

The Strosinder's Hardware in Bethesda was owned by Walter Strosnider. Walter sold the store and the people who bought the store opened the one that is in downtown Silver Spring.

Larry and Shirley Olson first home was on Belton Road in Woodmoor. I did go to at Alexander school and Four Corners ES. Then we moved to Burtonsville in 1963.

You can say I grew up in the 5 & 10, I started working there when I could reach the register. I was the manager of the store when we closed it.

Mary said...

What about Pete's Mobil station and Fred and Harry's. OMG Larry's five and dime was our place for spending our allowance on candy!

Anonymous said...

Anyone have photos of woodmoor when it was built? was it a golf course before it was created?

Learn Every Day said...

The Woodmoor/Four Corners Facebook page has a lot of the photos that folks are asking for.

Anonymous said...

The Stone House Inn was a very popular Restaurant. There was always a crowd there. One would enter from the south side of the building into a large room with golden pine floors, and sunny windows (during the day). There was always great authentic Big Bands music of the 1940's playing, and the waitresses were always cheerful and friendly, and the food simple, american, home-cooked style food, hearty and plentiful. It was just a very very pleasant place to spend an evening, or afternoon with friends or family. A warm comfortable place, much missed by those still around to remember it.

Anonymous said...

I left the 10/19/14 comment, above. Yeah, I was remembering Larry's 5 & 10. My Mom used to bowl Duck Pins at the bowling alley, and go to the Suburban Trust Bank afterwards; we sometimes stopped in at the small Public Library (but I can't recall if the library replaced the bank or not). But after bowling, (Mom was a league member and, if I recall, she bowled on 2 mornings during the week, and to keep me out of the way, I had to go and sit on the stairs leading up to street level. They were carpeted), after bowling we'd go to Larry's. The store was long and narrow, divided, sort of into three aisles with a front and a back. The back, if I recall, was sorta like a general store, with pots and pans, and cloth on bolts, dust pans-- but I could be wrong. The front was loaded with wooden, plastic, and metal toys, the kind you might load a christmas stocking with. Most were small, and made in Japan. Rubber alligators, balls and paddles, magic ladders, tin horns in the shape of animals, collapsing string-taut figurines, alphabetic tiles puzzles in black and white plastic, rhinestone rings, little queppee dolls, and those little two-or three layer images that shifted 3-dimensionally when you tilted them. Lots of kinds of candy you can't get anymore, unless you really look. Wax coke bottles about two inches tall that had fruity syrup in them, and you had to bite the tops off to get the sweet stuff, dots (pastel sugar dots on ribbons of white paper you bought by the inch), ju ju bees, canadian mints ( white mints that came in green boxes you could put in your pocket, or larger, too). Four corners was one of those places that made childhood in the 1950's & 1960's truly a great American childhood, and sadly, such times will never come again.

Anonymous said...

Me, again. I forgot to mention that in the upper story at the south end, above the gift shop, I think, was a small dance studio where, as a preschooler, I took tap and ballet. And in the late 60's, there was for a time, near the upper center of the shopping center, a small antiques shop. The gift shop below carried the kinds of things one might expect: lacy porcelain figurines, trivets, tea cups and saucers, painted porcelain plates with biblical quotes, and so on. That's about the extent of my memories. I'm 60. Life seemed so much clearer, cleaner, and comprehensible then. But what did I know? I was just a little kid then. Happy trails, everyone.

albina N muro said...

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Anonymous said...

Jim bohrer and then his son Ronnie bohrer ran the esso/exon gas station in four corners in what is now the parking lot. My uncle and cousin. Anonymous

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