Friday, April 14, 2006

Speaking of McMansions...

Speaking of McMansions, you know one is going to go up when the realtor doesn't even bother to provide a picture of the existing house, like in this listing for a house on Sligo Creek Parkway.

Looks like they want to build some McMansions in Four Corners as well:

Developers, too, are eyeing South Four Corners. One has proposed demolishing a house on a large parcel of land bordered by University Boulevard, Gilmoure Drive and Brunett Avenue. The plan is to build six houses, to sell from the high $800,000s.


dcbubble said...

why anyone needs a 10,000 sf house kills me. we live in only 1100 sf hme. I cant imagine heating, cooling, furnishing, cleaning that much space. wanna come clean my bathrooms?

Stef said...

I used to live in White Oak and took the bus every morning down Colesville to the Metro. I *hated* watching them build that development on the left, right before you start heading into the built-up part of downtown S. S., with way too many houses on lots that were way to small. The houses were so close together it looked like if someone hiccupped they would all shudder and knock each other down. There's no need for McMansions. We've lost all perspective on space.

markus said...

Are there any Swedish people living in Silver Spring?

Sligo said...

No, they all moved away.

C. P. Zilliacus said...

The house on the lot in question
was, for over 40 years, occupied
by the dental practice of a
Doctor William Strahan, but I
do not believe he is there
any longer - the SDAT
real estate database says he
sold to a DIANNE KAY on
9 May 2005, who in turn sold
LLC (they spelled Brunett
incorrectly) on 15 December 2005.

At almost 38,000 square feet,
this lot is larger than most
residential parcels that
I am aware of in Four Corners.

The land on which the
Nichiren Shoshu Temple stands,
across Brunett Avenue from
Dr. Strahan's former practice,
was vacant for many, many
years after most of the rest
of the Four Corners community
was developed, it was only
built in the early 1980's.

Markus and Gunnar, there's at
least one person with Swedish
roots in Silver Spring - that
would be ME - I even speak the
Swedish language fluently.

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