Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- DCist has a positive writeup today on Silver Spring's Red Dog Café. I dined at Red Dog for the first time this past weekend, and while I can't speak for the whole menu, the salad and pizza I ordered were excellent. I initially planned on going to the old standby, Parkway Deli, but once I arrived I decided to try out the new kid on the block. After all these years of going to Parkway, I have a bit of a guilty concience, like I was cheating on it right in front of it's face...

- Here's a couple recently-posted Silver Spring shots on Flickr: a scary storm brewing last night over DTSS and the Metro bridge underpass bereft of penguins.


Anonymous said...

This is the Parkway Deli speaking; Come back, I forgive you.

groovything said...

I highly suggest Red Dog's Artisan Goat Cheese Baked in a caramelized tomato sauce with foccacia wedges--most excellent.

Sligo said...

At least I still go to Parkway... I used to go to Woodside deli all the time, but I haven't been back in years.

Anonymous said...

Last time we tried Woodside Deli was about 3 weeks ago late on a Saturday morning and the line was out the door...there are not enough breakfast places around Silver Spring.

Sligo said...

Sounds like a business opportunity! I assume that Eggspectations is just as crowded.

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