Friday, April 14, 2006

More garbage from "luxury" condo websites

I've already expressed how much I despise the descriptions used on the websites of these so-called "luxury" condos going up around Silver Spring, but it annoys me that they can't even use proper grammar.

From the "Aurora" website:

If you haven't been to Silver Spring lately, you've really been missing out. On the new excitement, energy, and style of the new Silver Spring.
Who do they get to write these things? First graders?

In addition to poor writing, they lie about Silver Spring:
When the Silver Spring Shopping Center opened in 1938, it was the first retail development in the nation to include a parking lot, a radical notion at the time.
Sorry, but the Silver Spring Shopping center wasn't even the first in the area. Try the Park and Shop in Cleveland Park, which opened in 1930. Besides, is the nation's first strip mall something to be proud of?

Also, according to the neighborhood map on the website of the Galaxy (another new SS condo), Caribou Coffee is one-of-a-kind:

Well, except for their hundreds of other locations, of course.


Anonymous said...

Your complaint is with the Galaxy... not its sister building, the Aurora

Sligo said...

You are correct. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Not defending the condo creators, but your note about the shopping center only reflects common perceptions. See,_Maryland

Sligo said...

That entry contradicts itself somewhat, as it says "ONE OF the nation's first" yet later it claims it was "unique". I will be making my edits to this particular Wikipedia entry to correct/clarify it.

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