Sunday, March 05, 2006

Update on Metro pengiun mural

There is an update on the restortion of the Penguin Mural at the Silver Spring Metro station in today's Post. The work is being done by the original artist, Sally Callmer, who claims there will be no updates made to the mural:

She is resisting any urge to update the scenes with modern technology. No feathered commuters will suddenly appear with cell phones or BlackBerrys in their flippers.

"I'd like to think penguins wouldn't need those devices," she said, laughing.
I imagine it would be pretty impractical to use a flipper to type on a BlackBerry, anyway. At the very least she could extend the station list past Silver Spring and add the new seat color scheme. I miss the days when the last station on the line was Silver Spring - if you were in a hurry and jumped on a train, you always knew it was headed in the right direction.


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