Friday, March 10, 2006

Silver Spring used to be an "economic desert"

In a recent debate in the Maryland State Assembly over eminent domain laws, state senator Brian E. Frosh slandered pre-chain invasion Silver Spring:

Mr. Frosh cited the bustling downtown Silver Spring area as proof of the value of using eminent domain for economic development purposes.
"It was an economic desert," he said. "It literally turned the place around."
OK, now I'm not saying that Silver Spring in the 80's and 90's was some type of boomtown, but "economic desert" is a bit harsh. It's not like it was a mini-Detroit littered with burned out houses and empty storefronts. (Ur, ok, maybe there were some empty storefronts, but some of those are still there now.)

Of course, Mr. Frosh represents our uppity neighbor Bethesda (and imaginary place "North Bethesda" aka Rockville), so I guess that type of attitude towards Silver Spring shouldn't surprise anyone.

At least Silver Spring, wasn't alone in the area in being labeled an economic desert. Even D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams described Silver Spring's neighbor to the southwest as an "economic desert". Well, it was one before he got there, of course.


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