Saturday, March 04, 2006

Silver Spring a Tourist Attraction?

According to the Washington Post, Silver Spring should be considered as a destination for tourists:

When people think of tourism in this region, they think of Washington. Naturally. They think of monuments, museums and the majesty of history. But maybe they should also be thinking Strathmore Hall, Silver Spring, National Institutes of Health.
According to Kelly Groff of the Conference and Visitors Bureau of Montgomery, "The county has become really attractive for meetings as well as for leisure traveling."

Curious about how the Visitors Bureau might be promoting Silver Spring as tourist attraction, I visited their website. The site's blurb on Silver Spring reads as follows:
Silver Spring is undergoing a major downtown revitalization with a recent influx of national name stores and very soon, new home to the American Film Institute. Urban in character, if [sic] features many lodging, dining, shopping and retail businesses.
Didn't AFI move in three years ago? Also, what's with the piss poor English? And the unapealling, generic picture used to represent Silver Spring wouldn't really encourage me to plan a visit...

Come on, visitors bureau, you can do better.