Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Another Silver Springer has been killed in Iraq. This is the second Silver Spring resident to die in the war, the other being Army Spec. Thomas K. Doerflinger. We can only hope he is the last.

UPDATE: Here's some more information on Cpl. Hernandez from Thursday's Post.

- Looks like Silver Spring, along with other parts of MoCo, may be getting some speed cameras installed. Of course, what they mean when they say "save lives" is actually "add to the bottom line of the county government and Lockheed Martin". In some ways, I think these may make the street more dangerous for drivers, as people sometimes slam on their brakes when they see the cameras. That, or people end up driving way too slow because they are paranoid about the camera. See 16th St. in the District on the block with Carter Barron for an example of this. Dowtown Silver Spring already has a plethora of red light cameras, which I already learned the hard way ($70)...

- I have noticed that if you have a lot of emails on Google Mail with "Silver Spring" in them, you frequently get target ads for some group promoting the imaginary Purple Line:

- I don't necessarily agree, but this post at the Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space blog argues that development in Silver Spring is renewal, not revitalization.

- I think this is pretty cool - Silver Spring has some "mystery ruins".


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