Thursday, March 23, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- "Silver Spring Nazis. I hate these guys." Apparently some MoCo officers think Silver Spring cops dress like stormtroopers:

March 2005: "No RACISTS??, then explain the NEO NAZI look that some [Silver Spring] officers have. Bald heads, black [battle dress uniform], and non-issued black flight jackets w/patches. Now that just conveys racism. Im white and I felt unsafe around them."
More on the message boards here.

- There's also a brief article on the planned Silver Spring Transit Center in today's Post.

The article includes a nice slap in the face to pre-chain invasion Silver Spring, which the author describes as a "blighted and largely vacant wasteland".


Anonymous said...

First of all, I am not a Montgomery County Police Officer, nor do I work for the department in any capacity. I would like to say a few things about the article written by Ernesto Londono. While I beleive that the few quotes taken out of context from a privatly operated website are wrong, I also believe that everyone has a right to their opinion. Please keep in mind that the opinions shared on that website are often induced by a long and stressful shift spent defending a public that does nothing but bash the police. I happen to KNOW for a fact that the quotes published by Mr. Londono DO NOT represent the majority of the Montgomery County Police...I know too many honest and hard working cops.
Mr. Londono, I urge you to take a closer look at your story and your sources. You, Sir, have been taken advantage of by someone with a personal agenda. This story was brought to you by an officer that was "concerned" about the remarks that had been made on a website. What the officer didn't say was that they were "upset and wanted revenge". While it is never pleasant to admit when we are wrong, you now a have great responsibility to the hard working men and women of the Police Department and more importantly, the citizens of Montgomery County. You have opened a can, found a few worms, but never bothered to dig to the bottom and find the real dirt. Perhaps one of the detectives you interviewed can help you learn how to investigate something WELL.
Well, that is all the help I'm willing to give you Mr. Londondo. As it stands right now, you have a tremendous amount of work ahead of you to repair the damage done by your poor investigation and eagerness to wrtie a story that would grab headlines. I can only hope that you are a man of honor and will work diligently to right a wrong. Good luck to you.


Anonymous said...

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Debt Lawsuit said...

I am shocked to discover the strange story about Silver Spring Nazis. It is quite interesting that this old ghost still hounds some fools.

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I've found the news items of very interesting and general appeal. It is hoped that the concerned authorities mend and rediscover their approach.

Notice to Quit said...

It's immaterial whether you dress up like one nazi or an angel, I'd be interested only about their deliverance not at the dress code. Black or white; no difference.

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