Friday, March 10, 2006

Ray's: The Classics finally set to open?

Based on recent job postings on Craigslist and the big HELP WANTED sign in the window, Ray’s: The Classics is finally preparing to open for business in downtown Silver Spring. Ray’s will occupy the empty spot on the first floor of the Lee Building at the corner of Colesville and Georgia. This was the former home of the second Crisfield location, and has seemingly been vacant forever. It will be nice to have something finally fill that spot.

From what I understand, Ray’s: The Classics is a version of Clarendon’s Ray’s the Steaks, only with additional menu items, most notably seafood. (Interesting, since the last expensive seafood restaurant here failed.) I avoid Virginia like the plague so I haven’t been to the original, but Ray’s apparently serves excellent steaks.

Speaking of restaurants, I am going to finally get to Jackie’s tonight to try it out… I’ll post a mini-review afterward.